First Dog Club meeting Monday; camp spaces remain

By JENNIFER HUDNALL Extension Agent for 4-H Published:

The first official meeting of the 4-H Dog club will be held 6 p.m. Wednesday at L.I.F.E. House, Fido Court in Prevention Park. Please call 695-9035 to pre-register your child for the club.

Club leaders have asked that you leave your dog at home for the first meeting. Parents need to accompany kids at the first meeting. For more information regarding the 4-H Dog Program contact the Franklin County Extension Office or log onto and click on 4-H K-9 Program.

4-H Camp

We still have spaces available for 4-H camp. We will be holding a 4-H camp sign up night May 25 at the Extension Office from 4:30-6:30 p.m. to accommodate working parents or guardians.

Local Fashion

Revues Beneficial

When 4-H members take part in the Franklin County Fashion Revue, they gain self-confidence, display their accomplishments and interact with other individuals and groups in our community.

Preparation for the Fashion Revue involves selecting and coordinating clothing, improving sewing ability, and developing self-expression, poise and personal grooming. The focus is on helping individuals present and feel good about themselves.

For example, they learn the principles of good posture such as holding head high, chin in and how to walk naturally without being rushed.

With a Fashion Revue, the emphasis is on individual accomplishments including sewing/selecting and modeling the outfit or garment. Whereas, a fashion show emphasizes the garments and accessories and has little, if any, focus on the individual.

Fashion Revue participants can develop skills in leadership, public speaking, communications, creativity, teamwork, networking and building coalitions, among other life skills. A Fashion Revue also enables youth to demonstrate skills theyve learned in various 4-H sewing projects.

Judging is based on the 4-Hers posture, poise, grooming, attitude and makeup, as well as the becomingness of the outfit on the participant, and construction (sewing) techniques.

Fashion Magic is the segment for 4-Hers who are interested in clothing selection and want to learn more about successful dressing. It gives members depth and experience in the fields of clothing and textiles. Participants are judged on project notebooks, their presentation and appearance of the garment on the model.

Our county can send up to 12 participants to the state Fashion Revue in June during the 4-H Senior Conference on the University of Kentucky campus.

We often receive volunteer assistance from 4-Hers in other projects such as those in foods for refreshments and in public speaking as narrators. The scope of the Fashion Revue means we need volunteers from individuals and groups in the community. Fashion Revue committees can include steering, promotion, staging, production, entertainment and awards, program, scene supervisors, lighting supervisor and dressers.

If youd like to assist with the Fashion Revue or other local 4-H activities, contact me at the Franklin County Cooperative Extension Service.

County Fashion Revue

Date Change

Attention Fashion Revue participants! We have changed the date of the 4-H Fashion Revue. The date has been changed to May 30. Youth will need to arrive at 6 p.m. for the contest. All Fashion Revue Items must be turned in by May 26 at 4:30 p.m. for judging.

4-H Calendar

May 3 4-H Dog Club Meeting at L.I.F.E. House

May 4-5 TFCA Environmental Camp

May 13 4-H Ham Project Meeting

May 20 Camp Clean-up Day at North Central

May 25 4:30-6:30 Camp Sign-up Night at Extension Office, 4:30-6:30

May 30 Fashion Review, 6:30 p.m.

June 8 4-H Cooking Camp, 9 a.m.

June 12-16 4-H Teen Conference at U.K

June 13 4-H Teen Leader Training

June 19 4-H Adult Leader Training

June 20 Camper Orientation at Peaks Mill, 6 p.m.

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