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By TAMERA THOMAS Extension Agent for Home Economi Published:

Change is life giving. It helps us grow into someone greater than we already are.

On a beautiful sunny day recently I read those framed words of inspiration while reclining in a dental chair after enduring a toothache for three days. I definitely desired change, and in retrospect I had changed. We are always changingarent we?

Although my dentists office was decorated for the then-upcoming Easter holiday with a purple bunny sitting upon the windows ledge, and colorful eggs were adhered to each window pane, it was those words about change and the staffs family pictures on the wall at various stages of their lives that distracted me. I wondered if any of them had benefited from the Franklin County Extension Services.

Change can be challenging, scary, and little uncomfortable, but when you understand that the knowledge, service or change in behavior has the potential for making you better than you are then change is really an opportunity to invest in yourself.

Are there any changes that you would like to make? You can, by gaining knowledge about parenting, food safety, nutrition, budgeting or maybe you just want to have some fun and take a class of special interest to you.

As your new Family and Consumer Science Agent, I have found that the Franklin County Extension office offers individuals and families opportunities for change through its research-based educational programs that are available to all people regardless of race, color, age, sex, religion, disability or national origin. The programs are designed to improve our economic, social and physical well being should we desire change.

To tell you the truth, as a fellow citizen, I did not realize that we had such a valuable resource in our community. I knew where the building was located, and I had heard a little about the Kentucky Extension Homemakers Association, but I was naive about the role the University of Kentucky/Kentucky State University Extension Cooperative Extension program plays in providing agricultural support, horticulture, leadership development for adults and youth, and family life education.

Family life education now that is what sparked my curiosity to seek a career change. It is a way of getting quality information to families that will enhance their lives at all stages of the family life cycle. Stay tuned to announcements of activities and future Family and Consumer Science Programming in the areas of nutrition, family resource management, weight management and special interest classes.

Feel free to contact me with your food questions, other concerns of interest to you because every question you pose is an opportunity for us to change for the better.

Already Ive had questions and shared information about Chicken Scratch Embroidery, stain removal and food storage. If you dont think that sounds important you might reconsider when you receive a gorgeous embroidered item as a gift, save your $80 designer jeans, or avoid food poisoning.

And if youve never participated in programs or want to know more about Extension then come to the office. Keenan, Kim, Jennifer, Marie, Cari and I look forward to your visit. Before I forget, let me leave you with this weeks recipe.

A Recipe for Change

1 Open Mind

1 3/4 cup of Adaptability

3 cups of Support

1/2 tsp. Fear

1 tsp. Hesitation

2 cups Opportunity

2 cups of Desire

6 heaping tablespoons of Go For It

Directions: Mix all ingredients together. Note: Add additional ingredients according to your needs. When you are ready call or visit your Franklin County Extension office at 101 Lakeview Ct., 695-9035.

Analysis: Carbs: 0, Trans Fat: 0 Sodium: 0 Change: 100%

Upcoming Events

Grandmas Attic Craft Camp, June 9-11, Jabez, sponsored by Fort Harrod Area Extension Homemakers

11th Annual Bluegrass Area Basketmakers Seminar, June 13-17, Jabez, Bluegrass Area Extension Homemakers

For information about registration contact the Extension Office.

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