Planting by the signs

By Philip Case Published:

I have no more cautions left with regard to the weather. Were just a week from Mothers Day and statistically speaking winter should be done with us. I certainly hope so!

That said, still be prepared to cover whatever you plant to protect it from a sudden cold snap or even a freeze. I just cant forget Mothers Day 2002 when we had a hard freeze and heavy frost that brought lots of early veggies to a premature end!

Now, on with it.

The moon is in the light phase now and will remain there until the full moon at 2:51 Saturday morning. Through Friday you should be planting only those veggies that produce above the ground. Then beginning Saturday and continuing until the next new moon on May 27, only those that produce beneath the ground.

Signs great for flowers

Many of you have asked when were going to have another series of flowering signs. Well, this week is it! Beginning today and continuing through Thursday the two flowering signs are in force.

Specifically, today through Tuesday are ruled by Virgo (the bowels), followed by Wednesday and Thursday under the influence of Libra (the reins). These are bloom days and, according to believers, things planted when these signs are in force will bloom and do so abundantly just avoid planting veggies if at all possible unless its the blooms youre wanting.

A reader called last week asking when to plant tomatoes. I told him, according to the moon, this week before us would be a great one but the problem is the first five days are under the influence of flowering signs.

He said he wasnt going to plant his tomatoes then because hes had some experience planting them in bloom days.

Lots of blooms, he reported, but not many tomatoes.

Those little yellow tomato blooms are cute but, hey, they wont do much for a late summer bacon and tomato sandwich!

In the week ahead we have one thats right ONE really fine day for planting above-ground producers and that day is Friday. The moon will still be in the light phase and the sign will be in Scorpio (the secrets).

If you grounds dry, if you have your seeds and transplants, and if youre so inclined then tell the boss youre taking off Friday to plant your entire garden. If all factors come together, that will be the day!

And then on Saturday with Scorpio still in force you can plant any below-ground producers since the moon will be dark unless youre up planting before 3 a.m.!

A word of summary here: Plant flowers today through Thursday, above-ground producers Friday, and below-ground producers on Saturday.

Good time to

make changes

Beginning Sunday, May 14, and continuing through Sunday, May 21, well have one of those great periods for making changes like weaning small animals or children, stopping bad habits or starting good ones, scheduling elective surgery anything that requires a change.

The moon will be in the dark phase and the signs moving out of the body. Specifically, May 14-15 are ruled by Sagittarius (the thighs), May 16-17 by Capricorn (the knees), May 18-19 by Aquarius (the legs) and finally May 20-21 by Pisces (the feet).

This is a wonderfully long stretch, which, in fact, couldnt be any longer according the phases, and signs. Just be underway by Monday, May 22 when the sign goes back to Aries (the head).

And there you have the next two weeks!

I welcome your questions! Dont hesitate to call me at 223-8422 (home) or 227-4556 (The State Journal) or e-mail me at If you have questions about different varieties of plants, contact Kim Cowherd, horticulture agent at the Franklin County Extension Office (695-9035) or one of our many fine local nurseries.

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