Moon dark now; signs just so-so

By PHILIP CASE State Journal Columnist Published:

Finally, Mothers Day!

Statistically this is the last date for frost. Of course we know statistics have been wrong before, so just be careful and prepare to cover your tender crops should a late frost be in the forecast.

I will, however, mention once again that soil temperatures are still cool. While weve had some lovely sunny days and plenty of rain this week, too the nights have been cool enough for the furnace to come on at our place out in the country. These cool nights keep the soil temperatures cool so even warm-weather-loving veggies might not take right off if the soil is too chilly.

Hopefully that will change soon!

Now, heres the information for planting according to the phases of the moon and signs of the zodiac. And dont forget: If you have questions there are plenty of ways to get in touch with me, all reviewed at the bottom of this article.

Moon is dark

The moon is in the dark phase now, the full moon having come into force Saturday. Until the next new moon or no moon visible in the sky on May 27, plant only those veggies that produce beneath the ground.

Signs just so-so

Beginning today and continuing through Friday were in a so-so period according to the signs of the zodiac. So-so since these signs arent particularly outstanding for planting, but they arent destructive either just so-so.

Specifically, today and Monday are ruled by Sagittarius (the thighs), Tuesday and Wednesday by Capricorn (the knees), Thursday and Friday by Aquarius (the legs).

Great planting for anything that produces beneath the ground returns Saturday and next Sunday when the sign moves to Pisces (the feet).

Good time to

make changes

While this wont be the greatest week weve seen for planting at least not until Friday it is one of those wonderful times for making changes like weaning small animals or children, stopping bad habits or starting good ones, scheduling elective surgery anything that requires a change.

The moon is in the dark phase and the signs moving out of the body.

This is a long stretch, which, in fact, couldnt be any longer according to the phases and signs. Just be underway with any changes by Monday, May 22 when the sign goes back to Aries (the head).

Frequent question

Since were coming into the busiest planting time, I want to mention a question Im asked very frequently regarding transplants. Readers and callers often want to know about transplanting seedlings to the garden (like tomato plants) and how the signs and phases effect that since you likely dont know when the plants were seeded to flats or peat pots.

The simple answer is YES!

We cant control when nurseries seed the transplants well ultimately put in the garden but we certainly can control when theyre planted. Ideally they would have been seeded in the right phase and sign, but unless you raise your own thats unlikely for a commercial greenhouse.

So planting them in the right phase and sign is all you can do and I maintain that will help them produce better.

I welcome your questions! Dont hesitate to call me at 223-8422 (home) or 227-4556 (The State Journal) or e-mail me at If you have questions about different varieties of plants, contact Kim Cowherd, horticulture agent at the Franklin County Extension Office (695-9035) or one of our many fine local nurseries.

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