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The Kentucky National Guard is one of the most important organizations in the state and it is critical that it remains strong, according to Major General Donald Storm of the Kentucky National Guard, the 51st Adjutant General of the Commonwealth and May 24 Rotary speaker.

Storm noted that the authorized personnel strength of the Kentucky Guard is 7,400, but more than 8,800 soldiers and airmen have been mobilized since 9/11. This means some have been mobilized multiple times.

The Kentucky Guard has also responded to our countrys natural disasters in the Gulf and to Kentucky tornado victims. Storm described the war on terror as a long war that is here to stay. While the central war fronts are in Iraq and Afghanistan, the enemy is borderless. The Middle East is a site of great struggle between extremists and moderates, and our challenge is to help the moderates manage change without resorting to violence.

Storm said there is a lot less terrorism now than before we went into Iraq. He noted U.S. armed forces accomplishments in Afghanistan including health care, education, and infrastructure. Storm stressed that Iraqi and Afghan reaction to our soldiers presence is far better than what is portrayed in the media.

In other Rotary news, Sara Calloway became a member of Rotary.

Perfect Attendance pins were awarded to Arthur Kelly (3 years), Pat Badgett (11 years), Dean Sorg (24 years) and Frank Sower (60 years).

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