Recent updates to Fall CPH 45 rules

By KEENAN BISHOP Extension Agent for Agriculture Published:

Many cow-calf producers here in the county produce CPH-45 quality calves. Quite a few go on to sell them at a sanctioned CPH sale.

Most who did have reaped the benefits of producing a healthy weaned calf, ready for feeding out. Those that attended the Winter Schools heard first hand from those that did and how it paid off.

The state advisory board, consisting of representatives from all sale locations, met in April to review and revise the Kentucky CPH 45 program. Major topics of discussion this year included the expanded use of electronic identification, premise ID registration and the new Beef Export Verification program.

The group voted to make a few changes that will take effect beginning this August. They are listed as follows:

Premise ID registration will be required. According to Jim Akers, Beef IRM Coordinator, Getting a premise ID code is something that everyone needs to be getting done anyway. Going ahead and requiring this for CPH 45 is just one more way we can promote the cattle as coming from progressive producers.

Producers can get their Premise ID code by filling out the form available here at the Extension Office, the stockyards, by calling the State Veterinarians Office at 564-3956 or logging on to the Kentucky Department of Agricultures web site at and clicking on the online registration.

Many ,but not all, sale locations will be classified as PVP (Process Verified) for export. Producers need to communicate with the local sale management and find out if their sale location is participating in this. If so they must be enrolled in the Kentucky Beef Network PVP program prior to selling cattle in the sale.

The process of getting producers enrolled in the PVP is more complicated and requires a substantial commitment from all involved, Akers said. We already have over 500 producers enrolled and approved to sell export cattle but there are many more to do.

Meetings will be held around the state to train and enroll producers. Producers are required to record when they start calving and have the series of CPH 45 tags recorded in their records as well for this program. The purpose of PVP is to certify the age of the cattle in order to export. The date that the producer started calving is the Group Birthdate for all calves born in a season.

Current BQA numbers will be required. These certifications are good for three years and must be kept up. You can attain BQA certification via this office or attending a BQA training meeting.

With the growing demand for verified cattle, the Kentucky CPH 45 program is forced to tighten procedures in order to insure that were appropriately representing the cattle to the buyers at each sale location.

Paperwork will be checked much more closely than in the past and it is important that if producers have questions about requirements or how to fill out the certification forms (new 2006-7 forms should be available soon) that they seek help with those issues prior to coming to a sale, either from the sale representatives, the KBN representative or the Extension Office.

To get the newest forms, sale dates and requirements and dates, contact the Extension Office at 695-9035, 101 Lakeview Court or visit UKs CPH web site at

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