Moon Dark today, Signs So-So


Hasnt the weather been lovely lately? Nice warm days and open-your-window cool nights. And its great for gardening, too, except (isnt there always an except?) that hot-weather veggies like tomatoes dont like nighttime temperatures in the 50s. This signals strange things to the little plants like falls here and its time to pack it in before they ever produce the first tomato!

Hot days and warm nights those are vital for summer veggies.

But unless you plan to run a little low heat in your garden then well just have to hope things get a bit warmer soon at night and I have no doubt that will happen.

Before we get to the information for this week, a reader called last week lamenting the three Ember Days that played havoc with planting especially if youre doing so by the phases of the moon and signs of the zodiac.

Sometimes Im tempted to plant on one (an Ember Day) when the weathers nice, she said, but I just dont. I remember once when I was young we had to re-plant by hand a half acre of tobacco that died because it was put out on an Ember Day!

Ive yet to read a good explanation of exactly why Ember Days are so bad for planting, but this readers testimony underscores the nature of these days. Fortunately, I dont see any more of them on tap for the rest of 2006! Its just too bad they messed up an otherwise great planting week.

But thats behind us now, so lets move on to the week ahead.

Moon going dark

If youre reading this and its Sunday morning, the moon is still in the light phase right now, but thats going to change at 2:03 this afternoon. If you have any planting of above-ground producers, call in late for church and get it done before noon.

Then beginning this afternoon and until the next new moon on June 25 (12:05 p.m.) plant only those veggies that produce beneath the ground.

According to the signs of the zodiac, today is the second in a series of so-so days that began yesterday (Saturday) and continue through Friday. The sign is in Sagittarius (the thighs) today and Monday followed Tuesday and Wednesday with Capricorn (the knees) in force, concluding Thursday and Friday under the influence of Aquarius (the legs).

As I say each time this sequence occurs: These signs are neither outstandingly productive nor destructive just so-so.

The next really great days for planting will be Saturday and next Sunday when the sign moves Pisces to (the feet), one of the four most productive signs.

Good time to make changes

Beginning Monday and continuing through Sunday, June 18, we find another of those periods well suited for making changes like stopping smoking, starting a diet, weaning small children or animals, scheduling elective surgery anything that involves a change.

The moon will be in the dark phase and the signs moving out of the body. Just be underway by Monday, June 19, when the sign moves back to Aries (the head).

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