WHHS Drama Club presents Disney farce in "Non Musical'

By AMY SCHWARZ/'High School Non Musical' Published:

Members of the Western Hills High School Drama Club are rehearsing for their for spring production of Jonathan Dorf’s comedy, “High School Non Musical.”  The play is a non-musical farce that is based on Disney’s hit production, “High School Musical.” It opens Thursday and continues through Saturday, 7 p.m. each evening in the WHHS auditorium.  Tickets are $5 at the door.

 “High School Non Musical” is the kind of comedy that will make audience members of all ages laugh.  Although the play is based on “High School Musical,” there is no need to have seen it in order to get a kick out of this comedic farce. 

The setting of the play is Roswell, New Mexico. Roswell High School’s mascot is a Flying Teacup…Go Teacups!  And because they are so close, Toy and Gaberella often visit Area 51 to have heart-to-heart discussions.  The alien presence in this play adds a touch of humor and mystery.

The cast is made up of familiar characters yet each actor brings his or her own flavor and interpretation to the stage. Instead of Troy and Gabriella, this play features Toy and Gaberella who are played by Kyle Sewell and Kaitlyn Luyster.

The identical twins, Sharpe and Brian are now named Shitzu (Katy Vest) and Cryin (Jonathan Murphy). And Toy’s best friend is named Dad (Blake Snow-Sewell) instead of Chad.  These farcical characters mimic the originals, but there is an addition of humorous flair to each that will entertain the audience.

In addition to the main characters, there is an array of others within this 20-plus cast. These cast members

Destinee Tyson (Ms. Beckett von Shakespeare), Hannah Sayles (Failure), Jorden Adair (Pino), Skylier Hockensmith (Toy’s Dad), Amy Charlton (Toy’s Mom), Aja Leachman (Shitzu’s Mirror), Colburn Montgomery (Speak), Rachel Blackburn (Deep Note) and Elizabeth Buxton (Principal).

In addition, there is an ensemble cast that plays various roles throughout the play. These students include: Kristel Thornton, Amy Tran, Allie Morris, Cheyenne Carter, Akevia Rice-Sheppard, Kayla Evans, Olivia Rhody, Hailee Rogers and Jenny Wallace.
These students have worked hard to put together a fun and fast-paced show.

“Wow! I can’t believe this is my last play at WHHS,” said senior Kyle Sewell. “I have had so much fun these past four years. I have been in eight memorable plays and I feel that “High School Non Musical” is a great way to end my time here.  It is a fun and energetic play.  There are some surprises and twists as well. I want to thank the cast and crew for making this production amazing!”

 “‘We’re all in this together’ is a recurring line in ‘High School Non Musical’ and I couldn’t think of any other line to end my high school Drama Club experience with,” said senior Destinee Tyslon. “Working with this cast and crew has been enlightening for me. This will be the last of eight shows that I have worked on.

“I received the chance to student direct again and being able to create a show in the way I envisioned has been a dream come true. I walk into the auditorium every day ready to work with the cast on a skill that they can practice.

“This club is my family and it is where I met my best friends. Come out and watch the show!  It is something we’ve worked diligently on. ‘We’re All in this Together’ has never been so hilarious, bittersweet and fantastic.”

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