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Bridgeport Christian Church

Members of Bridgeport Christian Church helped Abby LeCompte hoist a “barn quilt” onto the side of the LeComptes’ barn, 690 Pea Ridge Rd. Pictured from left are Ricky Bailey, Scott Hudson, Abby LeCompte, Ralph LeCompte, Troy Bailey and Daniel, a friend of Abby’s from Asbury College.

Elizabeth LeCompte describes daughter Abby’s quilt project: 

“Abby did it because I had been talking for about a year how much I like the barn quilts and she was tired of just talking about it!  She was home for Christmas and on a whim decided that she was going to design and build one.

She used a pattern from a quilt that my mother had made when I was a baby and went with it from there. She took Ralph’s truck one day to Lowe’s, bought two 4x8 sheets of plywood, 2x4s, and primer. She and Ralph started building it in the garage, and she finished it before she went back to college. 

“Ralph and the guys (from the church) secured 2x4s on the barn which to attach the finished product (he thought it may weigh around 250 pounds); and then used two eyebolts to pull it up with ropes.  

“The yellow represents happiness and the gray represents balance.”


 Millville Christian Church

Members of the Millville Christian Church joined the family of the late Jim Durell to plant a Japanese weeping cherry tree in his memory in the church’s prayer garden on Earth Day, Sunday, April 22. Mr. Durell was a life-long member of the church. Pictured from left are family members Lauren Wingate, Sarah Begin who provided the tree, Kenneth Wingate and behind him is Jane Wingate.


Rev. Libby McMannis

Rev. Libby McMannis has retired from First Christian Church  (Disciples of Christ). Her last day was Sunday, April 29. McMannis, a lifelong member of FCC, retired from state government in 2000 and graduated from Lexington Theological Seminary in 2006.  She was minister at Pleasureville Christian Church for eight years, returning to Frankfort to become associate minister at FCC on Feb. 1, 2010. McMannis said that she and her husband, Joe, plan to “… relax a little, travel a little and enjoy family their family a lot.” She and Joe are pictured here at a reception held in her honor.

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