FHS Drama Club Presents: Senior Directed One Acts


The Frankfort High School Drama Club presents Senior Directed One Acts on Friday at 8 p.m. and next Sunday at 3. Both stagings feature a series of short performances, primarily directed by members of the class of 2012. There is no charge to see the shows; however, donations will be accepted.

Carly Bolanos and Shannan Slone are co-directing two shows: “Blondes,” from University by Jon Jory and “Arabian Nights” by David Ives. Seniors Jeri Howell and Stephen Spisak appear in “Blondes” and portray college students who have a chance meeting on campus. They almost immediately get into an argument, but end up making a date to see one another again.

“Arabian Nights” features Emma Addo, Blake Graham and James Spisak. In this short play, Norman (Spisak) walks into an Arabian shop looking for a souvenir, but becomes quickly befuddled as the interpreter (Graham) gets lost in her own translation.

Chad Avery and Corrie Burke, both seniors, are co-directing “DMV Tyrant,” a comedy about a woman (Magen Copher) who works for the Department of Motor Vehicles waiting on a customer (Mina Thomas). The action is hilarious as it is discovered that the customer merely wants to replace her temporary license, which is expired, but the DMV worker cannot find her name in the computer.

Stephen Spisak is directing “If Men Played Cards as Women Do,” which takes a hilarious look at four men who gather for an afternoon of card playing and refreshments. No, they are not playing poker, and yes, the action is quite funny. Appearing in this show are Stephen Spisak, Zachary Paul, James Clark and Michael Fleck.

Andrew Tippett, director of the theatre program at Frankfort High, is directing a skit entitled “Women on a Playground,” which features Cassie Burke and Natalie Snyder. He is also directing three monologues from “Charlie Brown” performed by Natalie Snyder; “The Audition” featuring Cassie Burke; and Sarah Shelton is performing a cutting of “Naomi in the Living Room.”

This exercise proves to be an excellent testing ground for these seniors, all of whom have worked in theatre most, if not all, of their high school careers. Acting is one thing, but directing a production, however short, involves a more complicated set of skills.


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