Moon in dark phase until Tuesday " plant beans then

By PHILIP CASE/State Journal Columnist Published:

For all of you planting your garden by the phases of the moon and signs of the zodiac, here’s the information for the week ahead – and more.

The moon

The moon is in the dark phase now but that will be changing Tuesday when the new moon – or no moon visible in the night sky at first – comes into force. Thus today and Monday be planting only those veggies that produce beneath the ground.

The light moon for above-ground producers comes to rule just after 11 a.m. on Tuesday and continues in force until July 3 when the next full moon comes into force.

Thus through Monday, June 18, plant only below-ground producers. Then beginning Tuesday afternoon, plant only above-ground producers.

Again: when the light moon is in force proceed with only light-moon activities and planting above-ground producing veggies. Conversely, when the dark moon is in force it’s below-ground producers.

The signs
According to the signs of the zodiac, today is ruled by Taurus (the neck), one of the most outstandingly productive signs with the dark moon still in force for below-ground producers.

Then comes a pair of bean days with Gemini  (the arms) in force on Monday and Tuesday. Monday is still under the influence of the dark moon, but if you wait until after lunch on Tuesday then you can put out some beans with the light moon in force and the greatest sign in the world in force for beans – Gemini.

With the light moon firmly in place, we have two days of great general planting for above-ground producers with the sign in Cancer  (the breast), another of the four most productive signs on Wednesday and Thursday.

Killing signs return to the picture Friday and Saturday when Leo (the heart) comes into force. The moon’s still in the light phase but that doesn’t matter since you don’t need to be planting anyway.

Beginning next Sunday and continuing through June 28, we find our monthly stretch of flowering signs with Virgo (the bowels) ruling June 24-25 followed by Libra (the reins) in charge June 26-28. Since these are “bloom days,” flowers planted on any of these days should just bloom their little hearts out.

While we’re here, June ends with Scorpio (the secrets) in force and the moon in the light phase on June 29-30. Scorpio is one of the most outstandingly productive signs and this time for above-ground producers.

Summer begins
While it seems as if it’s been summer for a long time, the season “officially” begins Wednesday with the Summer Solstice at 7:09 p.m. This is the day with the most daylight in our parts all year. Little by little the days will be getting shorter as we move toward the Winter Solstice on Friday, Dec. 21, the day with the least daylight in the year.

I find the Summer Solstice something of a mixed message: I love summer and the heat but it causes me pause to think that for the next six months the daylight is going to be diminishing and it’s going to be getting colder, too.

Call me crazy if you will, lots certainly do!

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