Planting by the Signs: Moon in light phase; so-so signs this week

By Philip Case Published:

For those of you planting your garden by the phases of the moon and signs of the zodiac, below is this month’s information.

But first, here’s this week’s information.

The moon is in the light phase now but that will change at 2:52 p.m. Tuesday, July 3. The full moon comes to rule then and will continue until 12:24 a.m. July 18.

The signs find our monthly series of so-so signs beginning today and continuing through next Sunday. In order they are Sagittarius (thighs – 3 days), Capricorn (knees – 2) and Aquarius (legs – 3). And as you’ll read below, if there’s anything we’re blessed with this month it’s plenty of so-so signs.

If you are planting at all, plant above-ground producers today and Monday and then below-ground producers beginning Tuesday afternoon and for the rest of the week. At least there are no killing signs to contend with this week.

There’s no need for me to expound upon the heat and drought situation here other than to mention them and refer you to Kim’s and Keenan’s columns elsewhere in today’s Spectrum.

First katydid

I heard my first katydid of the summer Wednesday night while sitting on the back porch. Made me think of my old friend, the late Jack Walters. When he heard the first one around his home down from the Capital he’d call and ask me if I’d heard one yet.

Folk tradition has that the first frost can occur as soon as 90 days after the first katydid does his katy-DID! So that would put the possibility toward the end of September with the “scientific” average for the first frost being Oct. 10.

I sure miss Jack’s call.

Now the monthly overview, with some being a bit redendant.

The moon

The month begins with the moon in the light phase, but that won’t last long. It ends, too, with the light moon ruling.

Specifically, the light moon is in force until 2:52 p.m. July 3 and then returns to rule at 12:24 a.m. July 19, continuing on into August.

Between the two light moon periods is a stretch of dark moon, the last half of July 3 through July 18.

When the light or waxing (growing) moon rules, plant only those veggies that produce above the ground, but don’t plant on a day ruled by a killing sign. That information is below in the daily breakdown.

The dark moon for below-ground producers is sandwiched between the two light moon periods, as we just mentioned.

The signs

Remember: Check to see if the moon is in the light or dark phase (information above) before proceeding with planting or other activities, indoors or out.

Fertile signs: the most fertile signs in the zodiac rule these days: July 9-10, Pisces (the feet); Taurus (the neck), July 13-14; Cancer (the breast), July 17-18 and July 26-27, Scorpio (the secrets). There are 8 days this month ruled by the fertile signs: Scorpio, Taurus, Pisces and Cancer, down from 11 in June.

Killing signs: No planting, transplanting, or dealing with things you want to thrive should occur on these days. Reserve them for cultivating, cleaning out fence rows – anything but planting: July 11-12, Aries (the head) and July 19-20, Leo, (the heart). Again this month there are fortunately only four killing days, those ruled by either Aries or Leo.

So-so days: While we’re unfortunately not blessed with a host of fertile days this month – eight being the minimum any month can have – we are blessed with only four killing days, again the minimum. What we have is an abundance of so-so days, those that aren’t particularly fertile nor destructive, just so-so. Here’s the breakdown:

Sagittarius, July 1-3, 28-30 – plenty of Sagittarius days, six being as many as there could be; Capricorn (knees) 4-5, 31; Aquarius (legs), July 6-8. That makes a total of 12 so-so days in July – gotta be some kind of a record!

Flowering days: These are “bloom days” and well suited for flowers as well as blooming things in the greenhouse or for the house: July 21-23, Virgo (the bowels); July 24-25, Libra (the reins). There are five days this month ruled by the two flowering signs, Virgo and Libra, all with the light moon in force.

Gemini days: Gemini rules the arms and is in force on July 15-16. Gemini days are specifically “bean days,” however, both of these days are when the dark moon is in force and we know the eatin’ part of beans doesn’t grow under ground!

General tips

Again, here are a few general tips for activities other than planting:

>If you have gravel to pour on a drive or roadway, do that in the light of the moon so the gravel won’t sink. Same applies for stones on a garden path: Place them when the moon is in the light phase so they don’t sink. Check above for the right days.

>If you’re setting fence posts, do that in the light of the moon so the posts don’t sink.

>If you’re putting on a new shingle roof, do that when the moon’s in the dark phase so that the shingles stick down and don’t curl up on the ends.

>If you have changes to make like stopping smoking, starting a diet or exercise program, weaning small animals or children, scheduling elective surgery – anything that requires a change – here’s the formula: The moon in the dark phase and the signs going out of the body, past anything that “functions” so that means thighs, knees, legs and feet – Sagittarius through Pisces.

There are seven days this month that perfectly fit the formula, July 4-10, down from 10 last month – and there’ll be even fewer next month.

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