Planting by the Signs: Dry weather getting old; moon in dark phase

By Philip Case Published:

Discussing planting is becoming something of a moot point unless we start getting some significant rain or if you are watering your garden – which could end up being more costly than the savings gleaned from the veggies themselves!

That said I’m sure you’re growing as weary as I am from hearing about “The Drought” nonstop. Yes, it’s here. Yes, we hope it doesn’t stay all summer.

While what we do with our summer veggie gardens is purely optional, lawns are another matter. If you read Kim’s article last week (or maybe the week before) remember: Don’t put your lawn under any more stress than is absolutely necessary right now – and that includes even walking on it. And no matter how scraggly it looks, don’t mow now. That just further stresses the blades of grass.

There’s nothing good to say about this situation but we will survive.

Now, if you by chance are still planting – and I’m sure there are plenty who are – here’s the information about the phases of the moon and signs of the zodiac.

The moon is in the dark phase now and will remain in force until the next new moon at 12:24 a.m. on July 19. During this period be planting only those veggies that produce beneath the ground, if you are planting anything at all.

The signs find our monthly series of so-so signs ending today with Aquarius (the legs) in force. According to the signs, planting gets much better Monday and Tuesday, much worse Wednesday and Thursday and back to outstanding Friday and Saturday. Here’s the breakdown:

Very fertile planting for below-ground producers is on tap for Monday and Tuesday when the sign moves to Pisces (the feet), one of the four most fertile signs. The challenge is that with soil moisture levels as low as they currently are, we’re having enough trouble keeping plants alive that are already growing – let alone sticking the seeds or seedlings in bone dry soil and expecting them to germinate or grow.

Sorry, I got back to the dry weather for a moment.

Wednesday and Thursday the killing sign Aries (the head) comes to rule. Even if you’re thinking about planting just, as the late, great Mark Twain said of exercise, “…lie down until that thought goes away!” No planting when killing signs are in force.

It’s back to Great Planting in Our Dessert on Friday and Saturday with the sign in Taurus (the neck), another of the four most fertile signs. We’ll just act like there’s no drought for the moment and say that on these days you can plant anything that produces below the ground since the moon is in the dark phase.

Next Sunday and Monday, July 15-16, find Gemini (the arms) ruling. Gemini is the bean sign. Even though the moon’s in the dark phase, I’d suggest you plant another rotation of beans since half of the equation is right…

However, given how dry it is, unless you’re planning to water, the little seedies will just sit there in the bone-dry ground until they rot or some hungry worm happens by and gobbles them up. Pretty much it takes three things for hot-weather-loving seeds to germinate and become hot-weather-loving plants: good seed-to-soil contact, warmth and moisture.

We certainly can provide the first two but the crucial third is missing if we’re counting on Mother Nature.

Making changes

Continuing through Tuesday, we find a few more days for making changes like stopping smoking, starting a diet, weaning small animals or children – anything that requires making a change. The signs are going out of the body past anything that functions and the moon is in the dark phase the whole time.

Just be underway before Wednesday when the sign returns to Aries (the head).


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