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By Philip Case Published:

Once, many years ago, I heard a minister of one of our local churches say that there are more than 400 churches in Frankfort and Franklin County. I don’t know where he acquired that information, I can’t testify to its efficacy but I’d say he’s pretty close to right – just drive up and down any city street or country road!

Like most counties, Franklin is “well churched” and that doesn’t mean those churches are packed every Lord’s Day. Attendance likely ranges from a “faithful handful” on up to a full house. In each, the congregants love their church because it’s not only a place of worship but also a place often steeped in personal history for each.

And in my own experience with churches, I can’t imagine there being many of them that would shun publicity, shy away from letting the public know what’s going on in their places of worship. Why that information might encourage someone to visit and perhaps become part of the fellowship because of what they saw.

And since we’re “talking church” here, I believe it was Jesus who said something about not lighting a candle and placing it under a basket but rather letting it shine and be a light to others.

To that end, it does come as something of a surprise to me that really only a small percentage of the 400 or so churches have taken advantage of the opportunity we’re offering to “share their witness” as some say, here on our Tuesday Church page.

Were I looking for a church home, I would like to know what that congregation is about be it fellowship, evangelism, community service … whatever.

Pictures share those things with everyone.


I don’t know of a Christian church anywhere, no matter the size or denomination, that hasn’t read Jesus’ Great Commission at the end of both Matthew and Mark’s gospels suggesting followers go “spread the word.” Each says it a bit differently, but evangelism has always been the cornerstone of the faith.

And how are people to know about your church, your faith unless someone tells them? Perhaps someone like you! And what better way to tell them than with pictures and announcements in the local newspaper, picked up on the newspaper’s website?

Your Hometown Newspaper is providing you that vehicle and it’s free. Several churches have taken advantage of the offer. Today, for instance, Highland Christian has a picture from its rummage sale to benefit the victims of the March tornadoes. Why that even mirrors more scripture!

Everyone knows your church has at least one worship service per week, maybe several. Everyone knows your church likely offers Sunday School (by whatever name it may be called).

What everyone doesn’t know is how your church reaches out in the community to help the hungry or the homeless, the lonely and disenfranchised – unless you share it.

They don’t know volunteers from your church take a day a week or month to serve up food at the Soup Kitchen. I might want to check out a church with that kind of outreach willingness.

They don’t know you had a bake sale for a burned out family, a fish fry to help with expenses for a sick person, a Bible School to help strengthen the faith of young people. That sounds like a church that’s alive!

Shall I go on? I think by now you’ve gotten the theme of this sermon: If no one shares then no one knows beyond the four walls of the church!


Were I involved with church in this community where the newspaper is offering free space, I would suggest seeking volunteers to take this project on, take some pictures, get some information and send it to me for inclusion on the Tuesday Church page.

We want pictures of events at your church, with everyone identified. We’re accepting announcements of upcoming activities like special programs, Vacation Bible Schools, fund-raising programs for the church or other good causes. We’re not running regular church service information on this page, like worship and Sunday School times, that’s a given.

If just one person from a fourth of the churches in this city and county stepped up – let alone a person representing each of the 400 – why I’d never be at a shortage of content for this page and I would be so very happy!

So, if you are the one person in your church reading this, then why not tell someone in charge – if that’s not you – and let’s grow Tuesday Church to more than one page, maybe more than one day.

State Journal Publisher Ann Dix Maenza is all about this project. You give me the content, she’ll see that I get the space! She might even be moved to volunteer as her church’s designated submitter!

It’s so simple to do. Look at the box with this plea and help us make it happen for you and your church.


Here’s how to send in pictures and notices:

>Via email:

>Via snail mail: The State Journal, 1216 Wilkinson Blvd., Frankfort, KY 40601

>In person: 1216 Wilkinson Blvd., next to the Post office.

>About pictures: at least 180 dots per inch (dpi) with those in the picture identified. Tell us a little about what’s going on in the event, like it was a fundraiser for the victims of March’s tornadoes. Include the church’s name and address.

>About short items: Provide the basic who, what, where and when information without any of the PR flare. Just tell us the facts.



The Vacation Bible School calendar is growing shorter and will likely end in the next couple of weeks. While things are wrapping up, take time to snap a few pictures from your VBS, being sure to identify everyone, left to right, tell us what’s going on and, of course, the church and the VBS’ theme.

nBethel Baptist Church, 8200 Owenton Rd., one-day VBS on Saturday, July 14 from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Theme: “Bethel’s Water Wonderland.” Activities include: lesson, crafts, music, water games, dunking booth, cookout, and popsicles. Bring a towel and suitable clothing for outdoor/wet activities. Transportation available by calling 227-7278 or 352-4259 for information or transportation.


Registration is now underway for the 17th annual Musical Day Camp Production at Immanuel Baptist Church, 1075 Collins Lane. The camp is for children who have competed grades 1-6.

The camp is scheduled for July 16-20, 9 a.m.-3 p.m. daily with performances of the production, “Never Give Up,” set for Saturday and Sunday, July 21 and 22. Camp participants are required to take part in the two productions.

The cost is $25/child that includes a T-shirt, fees for two outings, craft supplies and snacks. For registration forms and other information, call the church (223-7601) or email Dr. Naomi Walker,, music/worship pastor. Pre-registration is encouraged.


First Baptist Church, 100 Clinton Street will host the Third Year Pastoral Anniversary for its senior pastor, Robert Earl Houston, Sr. The celebration will take place Saturday and Sunday.

On Saturday evening beginning at 6:30 p.m., there will be a concert by gospel recording artists, The Golden Crowns. The group has been together for more than 50 years. Doors will open at 6. The concert is free and open to everyone with doors opening at 6. A love offering will be received during the concert for those who wish to contribute.

On Sunday, July 15, Pastor Paris L. Smith Sr., Evergreen Baptist Church, Lawrenceburg, will be the guest speaker at the 8 a.m. worship service and Pastor Barton Elliott Harris of Westwood Baptist Church, University Center of Nashville, Tenn., will be the guest speaker at the 11 a.m. service.

For more information about any of the events, call 223-5152.

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