Agriculture News: Chances for cost sharing starting soon

By Keenan Bishop Published:

Late summer is the time of year when local cost share opportunities arise.

The Franklin County Cattlemen’s Association has applied to administer the CAIP cost share again. Visit for general details. Hopefully farmers and landowners should be able to pick up applications sometime in August or September. Watch the paper and our newsletter for the advertisements.

The Franklin County Conservation District will have its Local Cost Share sign-up from Aug. 2-15. To sign up visit the office at 103 Lakeview Court, next door to our office. The contact is Eric Phillips at 695-5203 ext. 3 or

Their program provides 50 percent cost share up to $500 on each program including:

Pasture & Hayland Renovation; Lime; Pasture Chemicals; Hay Wrap. They also have 50 percent cost share up to $1,000 for non-nitrogen fertilizer.

Rock gravel Gateways/Alleyways has been a very popular and appreciated assistance. The District provides 40 feet of filter fabric and 20-22 tons of rock per gateway. Each landowner may apply for two rock gateways.

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