Planting by the Signs: Moon in light phase; flowering signs through Wednesday

By Philip Case Published:

This week I’ll try to get to it a more quickly and focus on what I’m supposed to be writing about: planting by the phases of the moon and signs of the zodiac.

Next week, time permitting, I will offer a few words about fall gardens. If you want to pick up information on that yourself, contact the County Extension Office. Folks there can provide you the same book I use for reference, “Home Vegetable Gardening in Kentucky” that’s published for the Cooperative Extension Service by the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture.

That book contains a veritable wealth of information and, as a certified Extension Master Gardener myself, I want to recommend it to your attention. You can also go online for the information. Just type in whatever you are looking for, then add /extension you’ll get responses from Extension sites all over the country.

For instance, if you want to know about fall gardening you would type fallgardening/extension and there you have it! An incredible resource; utilize if often.

Now, something Extension can’t endorse because it isn’t research tested, planting by the phases of the moon and signs of the zodiac. You and I, however, know it works, don’t we?

The moon is in the light phase now and will remain there until the full moon on Aug. 1. Through this period plant only those veggies that produce above the ground.

A look at the signs reveals we’re on the second day of a series of flowering signs in the light moon and continuing through Wednesday. Today and Monday are ruled by Virgo (the bowels), with Tuesday and Wednesday under Libra (the reins). These are bloom days and flowers should do that abundantly.

Looking ahead through the rest of July, the very fertile sign Scorpio (the secrets) comes into force Thursday and Friday for above-ground producers. All planting now should focus toward fall. The kicker is if our unseasonable weather year continues, then gardening may go even further into the fall than usual – and if we have some rain that would be lovely!

Beginning Saturday and on into August is our monthly series of so-so signs. Sagittarius (the thighs) is in force Saturday through Monday, July 28-30 with Capricorn (the knees) ruling July 31-Aug. 1. The period concludes with Aquarius (the legs) in charge Aug. 2-4.

That’s an eight-day stretch of so-so signs. If we had three days of Capricorn it would have been a clean sweep – nine days!


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