Franklin Co. Fair and Horse SHow Results


Here are more results from competition at the Exhibit Hall and Carter House during the week of the Franklin County Fair and Horse Show, July 16-21. All results were provided by fair officials. Places are listed in order: first, second and third.

Foods – Youth

Fudge: Campbell Quire

Other Candy: Kendall Quire

Cake: Kendall Quire, Elizabeth Rearden, Benjamin Rearden

Cookies: Brina Barnett, Kendall Quire, Mason Harris

Bread: Jonah Fern, Campbell Quire, Kendall Quire

Muffins: Kendall Quire, Jordan Harris

Rolls: Kendall Quire, Jordan Harris

Cupcakes: Camden Good, Campbell Quire

Canning Youth

Dill Pickles: Campbell Quire

Jam: Campbell Quire, Kendra Quire

Salsa: Kendra Quire

Nancy Edwards Award (Best of Canning: Adult): Scott Johnson

Youth Garden

Vegetable Exhibit: Phillip Peiffer, Bethanie Smith

Beans (bunch): Kreshawndy Woods, Bethanie Smith

Cabbage, green: Kreshawndy Woods

Cucumbers (slicing): Bethanie Smith, Kreshawndy Woods, Campbell Quire

Cucumbers (pickling): Bethanie Smith, Phillip Peiffer, Belle Quarles

Eggplant: Luke Quarles, Belle Quarles

Onions, yellow: Bethanie Smith

Banana Peppers: Luke Quarles, Belle Quarles, Bethanie Smith

Bell Peppers: Kreshawndy Woods, Lambert Gosney, Bethanie Smith

Jalapeno Peppers: Kreshawndy Woods, Eric Peiffer

Potatoes (Irish): Bethanie Smith

Potatoes (purple): Christian Thompson

Potatoes (red): Kreshawndy Woods, Phillip Peiffer, Luke Quarles

Tomatoes (red): Lamabert Gosney, Campbell Quire, Bethanie Smith

Tomatoes (green): Bethanie Smith, Kreshawndy Woods, Roger Laing

Tomatoes (striped): Hannah Stockton

Tomatoes (red miniature): Lambert Gosney, Bethanie Smith, Campbell Quire

Tomatoes (yellow miniature): Lambert Gosney, Bethanie Smith, Phillip Peiffer

Tomatoes (plum): Campbell Quire

Squash (summer): Luke Quarles, Phillip Peiffer, Belle Quarles

Squash (zucchini): Eric Peiffer, Luke Quarles, Belle Quarles

Gourds (birdhouse): Lambert Gosney

Most Unusual Vegetable: Roger Laing, Jonathan Mitchell, Eric Peiffer

Smallest Mature Vegetable: Roger Laing, Bethanie Smith, Kreshawny Woods

Largest Vegetable (by weight): Leeland Fern

Garlic: Eric Peiffer

Blackberries: Campbell Quire

Miscellaneous: Bethanie Smith

Ugliest Vegetable: Kreshawndy Woods

Award for Most Points: Bethanie Smith

Best in Show: Kreshawndy Woods

Award for Most Entries: Bethanie Smith

Photography - Youth

Any Subject: Black and White, Kimmy Hinton, Will Grasch, Laura Howe

Any Subject: Color, Will Grasch, Eric Lawson, Kennedy Burch

People: Rachel Howe, Hannah Stockton, Laura Howe

Pets/Animals: Eric Lawson, Rachel Howe, Logan Stockton

Children/Youth: Kennedy Burch, Hannah Stockton, Will Grasch

Nature: Animals or Wildlife, Will Grasch, Rachel Howe, Kennedy Burch

Nature: Scenic, Will Grasch, Kimmy Hinton, Eric Lawson

Vacation Photo: Eric Lawson, Logan Stockton, Laura Howe

Fair Photo: Hannah Stockton, Logan Stockton

Photography - Adult

Any Subject: Black and White, Traci Bock, Dana Parker, Larry Grasch

Any Subject: Color, Robin Wheatley, Carole Mahoney, Traci Bock

People: Tim Harrod, Traci Bock, Carole Mahoney

Pets/Animals: Alexander Antonious, Traci Bock, William Willis

Children/Youth: Traci Bock, Tim Harrod, Larry Grasch

Nature: Animals or Wildlife, Traci Bock, Tim Harrod, Patricia Haydon

Nature: Scenic, Jinger Stevens, Traci Bock, Robin Wheatley

Vacation Photo: Traci Bock, Tim Harrod, Ceri Geissinger

Fair Photo: Patricia Haydon, Dodie Wells, Mark Wells

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