Franklin County Fair Antique Show Results


Here are the results from the Antiques and Collectibles Show held Friday, July 20 at the Franklin County Fair. All results were provided by fair officials. Places are listed in order: first, second and third.

Antiques and


Old Tin Item: Nancy Wray, Mary Jo Wray, Whitney Driskell

Old Framed Picture: Nancy Wray, Lewis Wray

Old Wrought Iron Item: Pam Cloyd, Mary Jo Wray

Old Carnival Glass Item: Pam Cloyd, Mary Jo Wray, Nancy Wray

China Bowl: Pam Cloyd

Small Wooden Item: Pam Cloyd, Whitney Driskell, Mark Wells

Old Copper Item: Pam Cloyd, Whitney Driskell, Dodie Wells

Old Postcard: Lewis Wray, Pam Cloyd, Nancy Wray

Frankfort Memorabilia: Pam Cloyd, Mark Wells, Nancy Wray

Antique Spoon Holder: Whitney Driskell

Small Antique Animal: Pam Cloyd, Whitney Driskell, Jackie Branham

Political Campaign Item: Dodie Wells, Whitney Driskell, Jackie Branham

Old Story Book: Amelia Pieratt, Whitney Driskell

Small Stone Jar: Mary Jo Wray

Preserve Stand: Pam Cloyd

Old Bottle: Whitney Driskell, Dodie Wells, Pam Cloyd

Pocket Knife: Pam Cloyd, Lewis Wray, Whitney Driskell

Miniature Oil Lamp: Mary Jo Wray, Nancy Wray, Pam Cloyd

Pottery/Crockery Item: Nancy Wray, Whitney Driskell, Jackie Branham

Butter Mold: Jackie Branham, Pam Cloyd, Whitney Driskell

Miscellaneous: Kreshawndy Woods, Nancy Wray, Mark Wells

Antique Photo (people): Nancy Wray, Whitney Driskell, Pam Cloyd

Antique Photo (scenic): Pam Cloyd, Nancy Wray, Mary Jo Wray

Antique Photo (animal): Nancy Wray, Pam Cloyd, Mary Jo Wray

Best of Show: Whitney Driskell

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