Franklin County Fair Exhibit Hall Results

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Here are more results from competition at the Exhibit Hall and Carter House during the week of the Franklin County Fair and Horse Show, July 16-21. Fair officials provided all results. Places are listed in order: first, second and third.

4-H Horticulture

& Plant Science

Horticultural Project: Jillian Jacobs

Terrariums: Olivia Moore, Benjamin Rearden, Jillian Jacobs

Dish Garden: Elizabeth Rearden

Vegetable Bucket Garden: Elizabeth Rearden, Benjamin Rearden

Annual Bucket Garden: Elizabeth Rearden, Jillian Jacobs, Emery Moore

Tomato: Bethanie Smith, Mary Jo Wray

Peppers: Belle Quarles, Bethanie Smith, Mary Jo Wray

Cucumbers: Bethanie Smith

Beans: Bethanie Smith, Mary Jo Wray

Cabbage: Mary Jo Wray

Turnips: Bethanie Smith

Onion: Bethanie Smith, Mary Jo Wray

Potatoes: Mary Jo Wray, Bethanie Smith

Summer Squash, Zucchini: Mary Jo Wray, Bethanie Smith

Other Vegetable: Mary Jo Wray

3 Different Fruits: Bethanie Smith

Largest Tomato: Mary Jo Wray

FFA Crops

Tobacco: Green Stick, Belle Quarles

Hay: Red Clover, Jenna Harrod, Becca Harrod

Hay: Fescue, Johanna Cornish

Hay: Mixed, Johanna Cornish, Belle Quarles

FFA Shop

Records: Lindsay Ratliffe, Rachel Young, Amanda Clover

Home Crafts: Rachel Young

Miscellaneous: Rich Kemper, Kandice Parker, Collin Rutledge

FFA Horticulture Exhibits

Potted Flower Plant: Low light foliage, Rachel Young, Landon Williams

Floral Design: Live Flower arrangement, Erica Nethercutt, Lauren Colston

Open Crops

Hay: Alfalfa, Brayden Roberts, Christian Roberts, Lynlee Quarles

Hay: Red Clover, Jacob Harrod, Jenna Harrod

Hay: Orchard Grass, Kenneth Driskell

Hay: Fescue, Trent Zinner, Johanna Cornish

Hay: Mixed Hay, Trent Zinner, Luke Quarles

Corn: Yellow (ears), Jane Driskell, Kenneth Driskell

Corn: Yellow (shelled), Jane Driskell, Kenneth Driskell

Tobacco: Green Stick, Luke Quarles

Doll Show

Largest Doll: Brina Barnett, Hannah Stockton

Smallest Doll: Erin Cunningham, Brina Barnett, Amelia Pieratt

Prettiest Doll: Brooke Davis, Hannah Stockton, Amelia Pieratt

Most Authentic Foreign Doll: Hannah Stockton, Brooke Davis, Logan Stockton

Ceramic Doll: Hannah Stockton, Amelia Pieratt, Brooke Davis

Rag Doll: Hannah Stockton, Lucy Cunningham

Bride Doll: Lucy Cunningham, Hannah Stockton, Richard Howe

Best Dressed Baby Doll: Amelia Pieratt

Best Dressed Boy Doll: Destiny Smith

Character Doll: Amelia Pieratt, Brooke Davis, Hannah Stockton

Most Loved Doll: Brina Barnett, Jordan Harris, Hannah Stockton

Most Authentic Storybook Doll: Erin Cunningham, Amelia Pieratt

Historic Doll: Jordan Harris, Susan Hall

Best Hand-Made Doll: Amelia Pieratt, Sara Nelson, Natalie Dufour

Best Doll in Hand-made Clothes: Brina Barnett, Jordan Harris

Ugliest Doll: Jordan Harris, Amelia Pieratt

Twin Dolls: Brina Barnett

Collection of Dolls: Brina Barnett, Brooke Davis, Erin Cunningham

Toy Car Show

Smallest Car or Truck: Christian Thompson, Everett Pieratt, Logan Stockton

Match Box Cars: Christian Thompson, Everett Pieratt, Warren Smith

Model Cars: Warren Smith

Oldest Car or Truck: Warren Smith, Logan Stockton

NASCAR: Logan Stockton, Hannah Stockton, Christian Thompson

Army Vehicles: Logan Stockton. Warren Smith, Dylan Neville

Railroad Cars: Logan Stockton, Everett Pieratt, Christian Thompson

Commercial Vehicles: Logan Stockton, Warren Smith, Hannah Stockton

Hand-made Cars or Trucks: Camden Good, Warren Smith, Mason Harris

Collection of Trucks and Cars: Mason Harris, Logan Stockton, Warren Smith

Teapot/Collectibles Contest

Most Unusual: Peggy Hutcherson, Jackie Branham, Dodie Wells

Prettiest: Peggy Hutcherson, Dodie Wells, Jackie Branham

Animal Theme: Jane Driskell, Peggy Hutcherson, Dodie Wells

Antique: Leslie Thompson, Jane Driskell, Jackie Branham

Smallest Working: Lucille Troutman

Salt/Pepper Shakers (Most Unusual): Peggy Hutcherson, Jane Driskell, Leslie Thompson

Cookie Jar Contest

Most Unusual: Dodie Wells

Animal Theme: Dodie Wells

Holiday Theme: Leitha Harris

Antique: Sue Willis

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