‘Tom Sawyer’

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Bluegrass Theatre Guild presents its children’s theatre production, “Tom Sawyer,” in the Frankfort High School auditorium Thursday, Oct. 4 through Saturday, Oct 6. Performances begin Thursday and Friday at 7 p.m. and conclude with a 1 p.m. matinee Saturday.

Tickets are $15 for preferred seats, $12 adults and $7 children/seniors and will be available at the door. Doors will open Thursday and Friday at 6 p.m. and Saturday at noon.

“Tom Sawyer,” an operetta by Gwendolyn Skeens, is based on Mark Twain’s, “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.” Linda McKinley and Kara Johnson direct it, with music provided by Hollis Rosenstein and Roland Herzel. Producers are Ranelle Mackey and John Morris.

Tom Sawyer, played by Skyler Guthrie, is full of pranks, but has many redeeming qualities. His Aunt Polly, played by Annie Davis, who has adopted him, tries to be stern, but is always won over by his good nature.  When Tom needs to be disciplined, Aunt Polly makes him paint the fence instead of going swimming. But as many of his friends drop by, Tom figures a way to get the fence painted while getting “treasures” from his friends.

Tom and his best friends, Joe Harper, played by Tre’ Taylor and Huck Finn, played by Bradley Hughes, find themselves in many humorous and exciting encounters with friends and enemies.

Huck suggests that they go to the cemetery at midnight to get rid of warts, and they run into true excitement in discovering Injun Joe, who is there to commit a dark deed. Through their eavesdropping the boys learn the position of a hidden treasure.

The three pals, Tom, Huck and Joe, become pirates and travel down the river to Jackson’s Island on a raft. When they discover that the town thinks they have been drowned and are planning a funeral for them, the boys can’t resist attending their own funeral.

When Tom and Becky Thatcher, played by Abbey Willhoite, attend a picnic in a cave with their friends, they wander away from the others and get lost.  They come across Injun Joe who is hiding there, and Tom learns the exact spot where the treasure is hidden just before he and Becky accidentally find their way out of the cave.

A big party is given in celebration of the heroism of Tom and Huck.  The boys exhibit the treasure they have found, and all ends happily.

Other cast members include: Jaclyn Aldridge as Mary, Benjamin Rome as Judge Thatcher, Richard Howe as Sid, Merritt Shaw as Jim, Andrew Poston as Billy, Gabriel Langley as Johnny, Parks Mason as Reverend Walters, Emily Mynhier as Mrs. Harper, Leighann Jacobs as Mrs. Thatcher.  Other boys are Travis Dearborn, Jeremiah Wilder, Morton McIntyre, John Thomas Gilbert, Jordan Medley and Jacy Langley.

Children are Brooke Aldridge, Olivia Barker, Taiya Hogan, Addie Miller, Emily Reed, Afton Skeeters, and Emily Willhoite.  Teenagers include Ava Ashley, Carley Gilbert, Emma Guthrie, Haley Hamilton, Holly Hamilton, Ashby Hart, Carleigh Parr, Emma Rhorer, and Summer Shelton.  Adults are Caitlyn Biggs, Shay Locke, Courtney McDavid, Katie Miller, Haley Moon Simons, Rachel Poston, Leah Rome, Hannah Weaver, Katie Thurman, Jina Sparrow and Haley McKaig.       

 Any production requires the expertise and assistance of many people and members of the Guild.  Stage manger is Carol Oerther, set design by Patrick Jump, set construction chaired by Charlie Winter and art design by Jonathan Hart.

Other chairpersons include: Jenny Lusher, props; Peggy Williams, costumes; Nan Winter, makeup; light design: Andrew Tippett, light design; George Stokes, sound; Diane Dominick, publicity; and Johnna and Sara Puttoff, house.

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