‘What I Want to Say, But Never Will’

Special to The State Journal Published:

The Western Hills High School Drama Club presents “What I Want to Say, But Never Will” by Alan Haehnel opening Thursday and continuing through Saturday, 7 o’clock each evening in the school auditorium.

“What I Want to Say...” is a series of monologues about the difficulties of coming of age. Taken from the responses of actual teenagers, monologues vary in tone from heartbreaking to side-splitting.

Each monologue delves into the most secret of secret thoughts: from body image issues to sexuality to one art teacher with very bad breath. We’ve all yearned to say something but felt we simply couldn’t.

These characters say what so many of us are afraid, or simply too tactful, to say ourselves. The play features a fantastic ensemble cast including seniors Rachel Blackburn, Cheyenne Carter, Michael Church and Blake Sewell-Snow, as well as the art, music, and dance of many of Western Hills’ most talented.

“What I Want to Say...” takes a look into what it is really like to be a young adult. It is bittersweet, jovial, and most of all, brave.

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