Planting by the Signs: Moon in dark phase; mixed bag of signs this week

By Philip Case Published:

If you’re doing any indoor planting, transplanting or participating in other activities which might benefit from consulting the signs of the zodiac and phases of the moon, here’s the information for this week.

The moon is in the dark phase now and will continue there until 8:03 a.m. Monday, Oct. 15. Throughout this period be participating in only dark-moon activities.

The signs reflect a mixed bag this week. Both today and Monday are ruled by the very fertile sign Cancer (the breast), followed by Tuesday and Wednesday under the very killing sign Leo (the heart) then the week wraps up with our monthly series of flowering signs.

Virgo (the bowels) rules Thursday through Saturday followed by Libra (the reins) in force next Sunday and Monday. As you certainly know by now these are bloom days and flowers planted on these days should bloom and do so abundantly so get out some beautiful mums or pansies for fall color.


If you haven’t done so, get your houseplants that have been outdoors back in tonight and cover tender bloomers outside that you’d like to keep around for a few more weeks until a killing frost.

As I write this Thursday afternoon, it’s absolutely gorgeous outside but that’s supposed to change with the low Sunday night predicted in the low 30s and it may even go lower. Those houseplants won’t like that at all!

A couple of weeks back, Kim wrote about bringing plants in, acclimating them to the lower light and humidity levels inside and bracing them for the shock of change. She suggested cleaning them up, making sure they’re free from bugs, perhaps even repotting.

For tonight, however, just pick ‘em up and pack ‘em onto that enclosed back porch or basement. You can get them tidied up next week.

We brought ours in prior to that cold snap a couple of weeks ago and then took some back out when the weather moderated. I think they’ll come in this time and stay.

With just a little preparation and care your plants will be around to enjoy all winter and then can go back out next spring when warm weather returns.

If you want complete tips, just google “bringing houseplants indoors” and I’m sure your screen will fill up quickly with sites to visit.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to call. I still get several a week and I don’t want to get to feeling too lonesome while we wait now for winter to arrive and then rejoice when it heads on out again.


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