FCHS Drama presenting two Disney classics

‘Pinocchio,’ ‘Snow White’ set to run Oct. 25-27


The Franklin County High School Drama Department will stage two plays, “Pinocchio” and “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” Thursday-Saturday, Oct. 25-27, 7 each evening in the auditorium at the school.

Admission is $5 per person with children under school age, senior citizens who have senior passes from the school board and retired FCPS employees all admitted free. This is the first time the drama department has presented two short performances.

Senior Miranda Meade directs both plays.

“Pinocchio,” adapted by Michele L. Vacca, and based on the C. Collodi novel, is the story of a little wooden puppet, played by freshman Perry Kring, which was created by an old woodcarver Geppetto, played by junior Justin Woolums.

Although Pinocchio is warned by the Blue Fairy, played by sophomore Cheyenne Williams, to be a good puppet so that he can become a real boy, he succumbs to temptation.

The fairy gives Pinocchio a magical nose and tells him that the nose will grow to the size of the falsehoods he tells. She also gives him a talking cricket, played by senior Joanna Parsons, who offers a warning of her own by telling him that he will turn into a donkey if he disobeys his father and does not go to school.

As the story progresses, Pinocchio strays from home and experiences some bouts with evil from swindlers to robbers to a fire eater at the circus who threatens to use him for stove wood.

Geppetto, in search of Pinocchio, sets sail across the ocean. When the Blue Fairy tells Pinocchio that Geppetto’s boat sank and a whale swallowed him, he realizes the result of his disobedience.

Determined to save his papa, Pinocchio redeems himself when he swims the ocean and risks his life to rescue Geppetto. The whale coughs up Geppetto, but Pinocchio is overcome by the turbulence of the ocean, and he is left lying lifeless on the shore.

While the audience may experience a moment of tension and fear for Pinocchio’s life, the Blue Fairy appears, waves her magic wand and rewards Pinocchio for his bravery. He stirs, awakens, reunites with his papa, and proclaims, “Look at me! I’m a real boy!”

Rounding out the cast for Pinocchio are Courtland Adams, Abbey Caudell, Madeleine Hendrix, Becca Penn, Kelsey Rice, Damon Sudduth, Katelyn Taylor, Kelsey Tomlinson, and Autumn Wilhoite.


Following intermission, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” takes the stage. This play, a Brothers Grimm fairy tale, is also adapted by Vacca.

The play begins with the Wicked Queen, played by junior Samantha Wilcox, touting her beauty and seeking affirmation from the magic Mirror, played by junior Thayna Pires.

The Queen asks, “Who’s the most beautiful one of all?” When the mirror replies, “Snow White,” played by freshman Kadie Adams, the Queen becomes enraged and vows to get rid of Snow White.

Soon after, at the wishing well, Snow White meets the prince, also played by Woolums. Their quick friendship angers the queen, and she calls for her huntsman to put an end to Snow White.

The huntsman does not have the heart to harm Snow White, so he takes her to a strange little cottage where there are seven little chairs and lots of dirty dishes and clothes strewn about.

This is the home of the Seven Dwarfs, a group of sometimes argumentative, somewhat childish, but always-lovable group of little men. While one is grouchy, one is bossy, and one is shy, they are all an entertaining group of fellows.

They grow to love Snow White just as the audience will grow to love them. She tells them a bedtime story about a very handsome prince and promises to make them a boysenberry cake.

Soon the Queen discovers that the huntsman failed in his duty, and she devises a plan. She disguises herself and consults her book of spells for the poison apple spell.

After some coaxing from the poor old beggar woman (really the Queen), Snow White takes a bite of the poisoned apple and falls into a deep sleep – a sleep so deep that the only way to break the spell and wake her is love’s first kiss.

While the Queen is still relishing in her deed, the very saddened dwarfs discover the sleeping Snow White. They surround her, sobbing, sniffling and lamenting no cake.

Their heads are bowed when the prince approaches. They recognize from Snow White’s story. He, too, kneels, speaks his goodbyes to her and kisses her. She awakens amid cheers.

“This is just like the story,” say the dwarfs and true to the story, the prince is very handsome. He lives in a far off land and returns to take Snow White away with him to a big golden castle to his father’s kingdom.

People will dance at their wedding, and, of course, like all fairy tales, they will live happily ever after.

Other cast members for Snow White include Cedric ‘CJ’ Calhoun, Devin Harrod, Madeleine Hendrix, Sydney Hendrix, Hallee Mason, Marjorie Mason, Cherokee Renfroe and Margaret Whitworth.

Crew members include Emma Bryan, stage manager; Mackenzie Bender, Danielle Jones, Kayla Pastrano, and Sydney Rose, back stage; and Ethan Grimes and Alex Keith, lights and sound.

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