Moon in dark phase until Tuesday; fertile sign begins Monday

By Phil Case, Published:

For those of you doing anything according to the phases of the moon and signs of the zodiac, here’s the information for the week ahead.

The moon is in the dark phase now but that will be changing Tuesday at 5:08 p.m. with the arrival of the new moon – or no moon visible in the sky when it comes into force. Today and Monday – and through about noon Tuesday – proceed with dark moon activities and then beginning Wednesday it’s light moon activities until the next full moon on Nov. 28.

A look at the signs finds the flowering sign Libra (reins) in force today, the final of a series of flowering days. This is a bloom day and things planted today should bloom abundantly.

The very fertile Scorpio (the secrets) comes to rule Monday through Wednesday with the moon changing phases Tuesday afternoon, moving from the dark to light phase. Anything planted anywhere should do well on these Scorpio days, and that would include fall-planted bulbs for flowering in the spring and trees.

Beginning Thursday and continuing through Nov. 21 we’ll be under our monthly stretch of so-so signs, all with the moon in the light phase.

Sagittarius (thighs) rules Thursday and Friday, Capricorn (knees) is in force Saturday, next Sunday and Monday and the stretch concludes with Aquarius (the legs) ruling Nov. 20-21.

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