Bridgeport’s program offers sacred, secular Christmas music

Special to The State Journal, Published:

Bridgeport Christian Church, 175 Evergreen Rd., continues a tradition started in the early 1990s of offering a program of sacred and secular Christmas music Friday and Sunday, 7 p.m. each evening. A free nursery will be provided both evenings.

The program began when Hollis Rosenstein came to the church to be organist and later director of the music program. In the early years it was performed only once, on Sunday nights, but its increased popularity in the community called for an extra night to be added.

The first half of the program will feature the chancel choir and special groups performing sacred music of the season.  As tradition holds, the second part, better known as the “fun” part, presents secular music.

The musical numbers will be introduced through an original poem written and narrated by Ann Johnson called “Just In Time for Christmas.”

Groups featured are the church’s Christian rock band called Blind Carbon Copy; Sisters of Song (formerly the Jubilee Singers), Jeff Pratt, Keith McAliley and the choir.  The groups are accompanied by Bob Blair, keyboard; Alan Wagers, bass; Donnie Estill, drums; Keith McAliley, woodwinds, and Rosenstein, keyboard/director.  Cindy Elrod is the conductor and Marty Hammons is the emcee for this program.

“The choir strives to provide an exciting evening of sacred and secular music featuring not only the chancel choir but a number of small groups as well,” said Rosenstein, who’s well known in the community for her work with the Bluegrass Theatre Guild and other groups.

“With so much wonderful Christmas music and so little time to enjoy it, many years ago we added a secular section and it has become very popular.  This year’s program will showcase soloists, duets, small groups as well as the band.

“We promise those who come won’t be disappointed.”

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  • Nice story. This is my church! :o)