Planting by the Signs: Winter officially begins Thursday, moon in light phase until Dec. 28

By Philip Case, Published:

As strange as it may sound to you, I love the Winter Solstice that’s coming up Thursday, 6:11 a.m. This day, you see, is the one with the fewest daylight hours. Then starting Friday and for the next six months the days get longer … and warmer … and brighter!

It’s ironic to me that winter begins on this day. It would be more logical it seems if winter ended on the shortest day of the year! But whatever, beginning Thursday we turn the corner headed back toward spring and then summer!

Now, for those interested in phases of the moon and signs of the zodiac during this Christmas season, here’s the skinny:

The moon is in the light phase now, the new moon having come to rule on Thursday. Until the full moon on Dec. 28 at 5:21 a.m., be involved in only light-moon activities.

A look at the signs reveals we’re moving toward the end of our monthly period of so-so signs. Capricorn (the knees) rules today with Aquarius (the legs) wrapping it up Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. As I share all year, these signs aren’t particularly outstanding but they’re not destructive either – just so-so.

The very fertile sign Pisces (the feet) rules Thursday and Friday so if you have things involving plants to do in the green house or house, these would be your days since you’ll want to stand down on that Saturday and next Sunday when the sign moves to Aries (the head), one of the killing signs.

The very fertile sign Taurus (the neck) comes into force Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, all with the moon in the light phase.

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