Planting by the Signs: Moon is in dark phase; fertile sign today, Monday

By Philip Case, Published:

If you’re doing any activities that would benefit from information about the phases of the moon and signs of the zodiac, here’s what’s up for this week.

The moon is in the dark phase right now and until 2:44 p.m. Friday. Until then be proceeding with only dark moon activities. Then with the advent of the new moon, also known as the “light moon,” only light moon activities until the next full with only 22 minutes left in the day on Jan. 26 at 11:38 p.m. to be precise.

If you’re planting in a green house or working with your houseplants, below-ground producers benefit from the dark moon and above-ground producers when the light moon rules.

A look at the signs reveals the very fertile sign Scorpio (the secrets) rules today and Monday with the moon, as we’ve established, in the dark phase.

Our monthly series of so-so signs begins Tuesday and continues through next Sunday.

Specifically, Sagittarius (the thighs) rules Tuesday and Wednesday; Capricorn (the knees) is in force Thursday and Friday and the week concludes with Aquarius (the legs) ruling Saturday and next Sunday.

As we’ve said for years and will say for as long as I write this column: These signs aren’t outstandingly productive but they aren’t destructive either – just so-so.

During this stretch this month the moon moves from the dark to light phase at 2:44 Friday afternoon.

If you have changes to make like stopping smoking, starting a diet or exercise program, then there are a few days this month perfectly suited – unlike the last few months. Specifically they are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

The moon is in the dark phase and the signs are in Sagittarius (Tuesday and Wednesday) and Capricorn on Thursday.

Since this is the “month of resolutions,” if you’ve made one or more and haven’t gotten started then these are your days.

Fertile days return Jan. 14-16 with the sign in Pisces (the feet), one of the four most fertile signs, and the moon in the light phase.


While my brothers and sisters at the Extension Office disagree, the old timers have always said that it doesn’t matter how wet the ground is in January and February it’s safe to plow. I even had one man tell me, “… even if the water follows you down the furrow!”

We are into January now and the choice is yours: Plow or don’t.

Personally, I’d fire up the tractor or tiller and plow right on.


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