Planting by the Signs: Spring isn’t far away, Groundhog Day is near

By Philip Case, Published:

The uncomfortable news is it’s COLD!

The comforting news is there’s more daylight every day!

Yes, it’s cold but this cold is really good to freeze out bad buggies and stuff in the soil. We didn’t have any cold like this last winter and it’s just, well, unnatural – at least until our climate is totally like that of South Carolina!

Nonetheless, spring’s coming and with it gardening season. If there’s anything you’re doing now that can be done better in the proper phase of the moon and sign of the zodiac, here’s the information for this week.

The moon is in the dark phase now, but it hasn’t been there long. The full moon came into force Saturday night at 11:38. Until the new moon at 2:20 a.m. Feb. 10, be involved in only dark-moon activities.

A look at the signs reveals Leo (the heart) rules today and Monday. Leo, as you must know by now, is one of the two killing signs when you want to keep your hands off things you want to thrive. Either of these days, however, are great for plowing, deadening – anything but planting.

January concludes and February begins with the moon in the dark phase and the sign in Virgo (the bowels) Tuesday and Wednesday and in Libra (the reins) Thursday, Friday and next Sunday.

A peek into February reveals the very fertile sign Scorpio (the secrets) comes into force Feb. 2-4 with the moon still in the dark phase.


Groundhog Day is Saturday so find some special way to celebrate. This day marks the midpoint of winter – six weeks in and six weeks to go.

And remember the legend: If the ol’ ‘hog sees his shadow there’ll be six more weeks of bad weather, but if it’s a cloudy day then the worst of winter is over.

Personally, if the next six weeks are anything like the first six then I’ll be delighted in our inexorable march to spring!


Plowing the garden: The old timers have always said it doesn’t matter how wet the ground is in January and February it’s safe to plow through February. There’s plenty of time for the ground to freeze and thaw. Just get it done before March comes in like a lion … or lamb.

Soil test: If you haven’t had your soil tested for several years, now would be a great time before the labs at the University of Kentucky get real busy. Drop by or contact the Franklin County Extension Office, 101 Lakeview Ct., 695-9035 for complete instructions.


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