Planting by the Signs: February at a glance

By Philip Case, Published:

Here’s the planting by the phases of the moon and zodiac signs overview for the month of February. And after the information there are, as always, some additional tips for utilizing the phases and signs.

The moon

February began and ends with the moon in the dark phase, the full moon having come into force on Jan. 26. The dark moon will continue to rule until 2:20 a.m. E.S.T. Feb. 10 with the light or new moon coming into force then and continuing until the full moon returns at 3:26 p.m. Feb. 25.

Dark moon days: until early in the morning Feb. 10, returning in the afternoon Feb. 25, continuing until the new moon March 11.

Light moon days: Most of Feb. 10 through all of Feb. 24 and part of Feb. 25.

If you’re planting in a greenhouse or even a cold frame, you’ll want to plant below-ground producers when the dark moon is in force and above-ground producers when the light moon rules.


Check to see if the moon is in the light or dark phase (information above) before proceeding with planting or other activities, indoors or out.

Fertile signs: the most fertile signs in the zodiac rule these days: Scorpio (the secrets), Feb. 3-4; Pisces (the feet), Feb. 12-13; Taurus (the neck), Feb. 16-18; Cancer (the breast), Feb. 21-22. There are nine remaining days this month ruled by the fertile signs: Scorpio, Taurus, Pisces and Cancer.

Killing signs: No planting, transplanting, or dealing with things you want to thrive should occur on these days. Reserve them for cultivating, cleaning out fence rows – anything but planting: Aries (the head), Feb. 14-15 and Leo (heart), Feb. 23-24. There are four killing days this month, those ruled by either Aries or Leo.

So-so days: These days aren’t particularly fertile nor destructive, just so-so. Here’s the breakdown, thighs through legs: Sagittarius (thighs), Feb. 5-6; Capricorn (knees) Feb. 7-8; and Aquarius (legs) Feb. 9-11. There are seven days in February ruled by so-so signs.

Flowering days: These are “bloom days” and well suited for flowers as well as blooming things in the greenhouse or for the house: Virgo (the bowels) Feb. 25-26 and Libra (the reins), Feb. 27-28.

There are four remaining days this month ruled by the two flowering signs.

Gemini days: Gemini rules the arms and specifically suited for peas or beans. Gemini days this month are Feb. 19-20. Remember the late Dr. Harry Cowherd’s insistence peas should be in the ground “before Washington’s birthday.”

So if you want to subscribe to that and you’re a pea fan, then Feb. 19-20 are your days since the sign is in Gemini and the moon in the light phase. You couldn’t find two better days for planting peas and, of course, it’s way too cold for beans and will be until after Mother’s Day, doesn’t matter what the phase or sign is!


Here are a few general tips for activities other than planting and one specific to this month:

nIf you’re preparing your garden plot – and it’s not a bad idea to get that done – the old timers say you can plow in February and it doesn’t matter how wet it is you won’t have any problems. If you want to give that a try then you have this month to do it in. Just don’t wait until March if it’s wet or you’re asking for big trouble all summer long!

nIf you have gravel to pour on a drive or roadway, do that in the light of the moon (Feb. 10-24) so the gravel won’t sink. Same applies for stones on a garden path: Place them when the moon is in the light phase so they don’t sink. Check above for the right days.

nIf you’re setting fence posts, do that in the light of the moon so the posts don’t sink.

nIf you’re putting on a new shingle roof, do it when the moon’s in the dark phase so the shingles stick down and don’t curl up on the ends.

nIf you have changes to make like stopping smoking, starting a diet or exercise program, weaning small animals or children, scheduling elective surgery – anything that requires a change – here’s the ideal formula: The moon in the dark phase and the signs going out of the body, past anything that “functions” so that means thighs, knees, legs and feet – Sagittarius through Pisces.

This month we suddenly have a bunch of these days since having practically none for the last several months. So, if you have any changes to make then your days are all this week, Feb. 5-9, the moon is in the dark phase and the signs are past anything that “functions” and going out of the body –thighs through legs, Sagittarius through Aquarius.


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