Planting by the Signs: Moon is in light phase, fine planting days to come

By Philip Case, Published:

With each passing day there’s more daylight and it seems the cold snaps don’t last quite as long as we edge our way toward spring, which officially arrives 7:02 a.m. March 20 with the Vernal Equinox. Other than peas, it’s still too cold for planting in the unprotected garden but planting in the greenhouse or a cold frame is another matter.

Remember this month and on into March is the second best time for seeding lawns or pastures according to the University of Kentucky Extension Service.

Both Keenan Bishop and Kim Cowherd write extensively about seeding in their columns on page C4 so I won’t repeat that information here other than to say I think this is the best time for seeding because at least we’re experiencing some moisture in the form of rain or snow – unlike the very dry late summer/early fall seeding times we’ve seen in recent years when planting anything is a waste of time and money.

Old timers (I’m one of them now!) say the best time for seeding is during the dark of the moon in February but that’s over until Feb. 25. I really think that may be the best time, but I also believe any time during February and on through March, even into April, will work well, too.

Flip back and read their columns. There’s a lot of good information there.


The moon is in the light phase now with the new moon – or no moon visible in the sky – having come into force at 2:20 this morning. Until the next full moon at 3:26 p.m. Feb. 15, be planting only above-ground producers – like peas – in the unprotected garden and if you’re starting plants for your early spring garden (like cabbage), above-ground producers, too.


With the light moon in force for the next two weeks, we find some fine planting days – and some it would be best to stay in the house!

Today and Monday end our monthly series of so-so signs with the sign in Aquarius (the legs). Tuesday and Wednesday the sign moves to Pisces (the feet), one of the four most fertile signs with the moon in the light phase.

All planting and dealing with things you want to thrive should cease Thursday and Friday when the sign moves to Aries (the head) one of the two killing signs. These are great days for cultivating but not for planting!

Saturday, next Sunday and Monday (Feb. 16-18) find the return of a fertile sign with Taurus (the neck) coming to rule. Like the Pisces days, these Taurus days are great ones for planting.

Then on Feb. 19-20, with the moon still in the light phase, we find two Gemini (the arms) days. If you want to give the “peas before Washington’s birthday” theory a spin, and if you’re ground is ready and it’s dry enough, you won’t find two finer days for planting peas.

That outstanding opportunity continues Feb. 21-22 when the sign moves to Cancer (the breast), another of the four most fertile signs.

Truly some great opportunities this month for the gardener who’s into more than tomato plants by the back deck!


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