Planting by the Signs: Moon moving into light phase; killing signs at mid-week

By Philip Case, Published:

We found this week that Old Man Winter’s not quite done with us yet and, in my opinion, that’s not too bad. Remember those unseasonably warm late winters and springs we’ve had in years past when things bloomed prematurely and fruit trees blossomed – only to be absolutely devastated by a late freeze.

That, of course, could happen any year but the more closely the seasons adhere to a “normal” pattern – whatever that may be now – the better the long-term outlook for crops.

Now if you’re doing an early garden, your ground is ready and it dries out, you can get started this week with several veggies. See the list below for those that love cool weather and cool soil temperatures – even embracing a late frost or freeze.

Also, if you’re even remotely considering raising your own transplants, take time to read Kim Cowherd’s how-to piece elsewhere in Spectrum today. Raising your own transplants is one way to make certain the seeds are planted in the right phase of the moon and sign of the zodiac.

Kim can’t say anything about that in her column or she’d lose her credibility with the agriculture folks over at Big Blue, but I’m not bound to such constrictions. Follow the techniques she discusses and then plant the little seedies when I tell you to. No weather or varmint worries – oh my, they’ll do incredibly well if you take care of them properly.

Now on to the phases and signs for this week.


This is the last day for the moon to be in the dark phase before moving to the light phase at 3:51 Monday afternoon – Eastern DAYLIGHT time. If you’re doing any planting today or up until about lunch Monday it would be below-ground producers.

Then beginning late Monday and continuing until the full moon at 5:27 a.m. March 27, plant only above-ground producers with the moon the light phase.


Today is the final day in a series of so-so signs that began last Sunday. The sign is in Aquarius (the legs). While it’s not a great day for planting it’s still a fine one to stop smoking, start dieting or exercising – anything requiring a change.

Monday and Tuesday find the sign having moved to Pisces (the feet) with the moon moving to the light phase at 3:51 p.m. Monday. Pisces is one of the four most fertile signs with the dark moon ruling most of Monday and then the light moon until March 27.

All planting anywhere should cease Wednesday through Friday when the sign moves to Aries (the head), one of the two killing signs. If it’s dry enough, these would be great days for killing, deadening or cultivating – just not planting.

Fertile planting returns Saturday and next Sunday with the moon moving to Taurus (the neck), another of the four most productive signs. The moon is firmly in the light phase by then.

Following the two Taurus days are a pair of Gemini (the arms) days, March 18-19 with the moon in the light phase. If you’re considering planting peas then you won’t find two better days – sign in the arms and moon in the light phase.

Gemini is the bean sign, too, but we can’t safely talk about planting beans for a couple of months since they are not frost or freeze resistant where peas are. Also, they love hot weather.


I hope you set your clock ahead before retiring last night since Daylight Savings Time began this morning. If you were going to read the paper and then go to church, if your clock wasn’t set up then you’ll get there in time for the benediction!

Just 10 more days until Spring arrives with the Vernal Equinox 7:02 a.m. March 20.


According to Home Vegetable Gardening in Kentucky, here are veggies that love it when the soil and the air are cool and can stand frost and light freezes. Please note whether or not they produce above or below the ground and plant according.

According to the booklet, it’s safe NOW to plant peas, snow peas, spinach and beginning TODAY onion sets, radishes, rhubarb crowns, rutabaga and turnips.

Friday: Irish potatoes

March 20: parsley, parsnips

March 25: leaf lettuce, Bibb lettuce plants, lettuce head plants, onion plants


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