Planting by the Signs: Cold weather hanging around; moon in light phase

By Philip Case, Published:

On days like this it seems downright silly to be talking about planting a thing in your outside garden. As I write this on Thursday morning, it’s alternately snowing and the sun shining – both with the temperature hovering in the low 20s!

So, not only is it cold but your ground may well be FROZEN too and that won’t do a thing to raise the soil temperature even for the hardiest of cool-weather loving veggies.

If you’re at all able to plant outdoors, which is most doubtful, in the upcoming week or if you’re doing any seeding or indoor work with plants, here’s the information about the phases of the moon and signs of the zodiac.

And should it happen to warm up enough, I once again remind you: Do not plant anything no matter how sunny or warm it is if your ground is wet. Test for wetness by taking a handful of dirt and squeezing it. If it holds together to make an old-fashion mud clod then it’s too wet, but if it crumbles in your hand then it’s dry enough.

Now phases and signs:

The moon is in the light phase now and will continue there until the full moon 5:27 a.m. Wednesday. Through Tuesday all planting – indoor or out should a miracle occur – activities should focus on above-ground producers. Then beginning Wednesday afternoon and until the new moon 5:35 a.m. April 10.

The signs of the zodiac find the killing sign Leo (the heart) ruling today. Simply put: Just don’t plant, start seeds, transplant – anything to do with planting don’t do it! Cultivating or weeding are ideal activities.

Beginning Monday and continuing through Thursday we find our monthly series of flowering signs. Monday and Tuesday are ruled by Virgo (the bowels) then Wednesday and Thursday by Libra (the reins).

These are “bloom days” and things planted on these days should bloom and do so abundantly. Be cautious about planting veggies on these days, however, unless you’re planning to eat the blooms. In a later column I’ll reprise the story about the man who planted his cucumbers when a flowering sign was in force … it didn’t turn out so good for his pickling plans!

Remember the moon moves to the dark phase early Wednesday morning. After the four flowering days come two Scorpio (secrets) days Friday and Saturday. Scorpio is one of the most fertile signs in the zodiac and with the moon in the dark phase they are ideal for any below-ground producers – like your potatoes on Good Friday should the ground be thawed and dry enough!

The month ends and April begins with the so-so signs ruling beginning with Sagittarius (the thighs) in force next Sunday and Monday, March 31 and April 1.

Then up will be Capricorn (knees) April 2-4, Aquarius (legs) April 5-6. While these won’t be the greatest days for planting it’s one dandy stretch for making changes like stopping smoking, starting a diet, beginning an exercise program and scheduling elective surgery – anything involving a change.

Add to the so-so stretch April 7-9 ruled by Pisces (feet) and you have a wonderfully long stretch for making changes – 10 days all together! Pisces, too, is a very fertile sign for below-ground producers since the moon moves to the light phase on April 10.


According to Home Vegetable Gardening in Kentucky, here are veggies that love it when the soil and the air are cool and can stand frost and light freezes – but nothing like we’ve been having! Please note whether or not they produce above or below the ground and plant accordingly.

NOW: Peas, snow peas, spinach, onion sets, radishes, rhubarb crowns, rutabaga, turnips, Irish potatoes, parsley, parsnips, leaf lettuce, Bibb lettuce plants, lettuce head plants and onion plants


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