Moon in light phase; signs go from fertile to killing and back

By Phil Case, Published:

Here’s this week’s information about the phases of the moon and signs of the zodiac.

The moon is in the light phase now and will remain there until the full moon 4:28 a.m. Dec. 17. Until then proceed with activities most benefitted by the light moon.

A look at the signs reveals the very fertile sign Pisces (the feet) rules today and Tuesday followed by three days under the influence of Aries (the head) one of the killing signs. Funny how it goes from plant anything if you’re planting to plant nothing!

Then it’s back to the fertile sign Taurus (the neck) Saturday and next Sunday with the moon in the light phase the whole time.

We have both ends of the spectrum this week. The week begins and ends with a very fertile sign in force with a killing sign sandwiched between them.

More daylight

If you’re a fan of more daylight — and who’s not — we won’t have too much longer to wait until the days start getting longer, if only ever so slowly at first.  The Winter Solstice, which occurs on the day when there’s the least daylight, is 12:11 p.m. Dec. 21.  That is the first day of winter — and when the days start getting longer.

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— Philip Case

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