Rep. Derrick Graham presents Arts Foundation with check for $2,453

Special to The State Journal Published:

State arts leaders gathered Jan. 28 for Arts Day in Kentucky, an annual celebration of the commonwealth’s arts community and the vital roles it plays in the state’s livelihood.

Rep. Derrick Graham (D-Frankfort) presented the Frankfort Arts Foundation a check for $2,453 for a Kentucky Arts Partnership (KAP) grant awarded by the arts council in July 2013.

The funding awarded to the Frankfort Arts Foundation is part of $1.8 million the arts council awarded to 102 nonprofit arts organizations across the state for the 2014 fiscal year.

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  • That was what I was wondering. Exactly how does the arts foundation help me in my dailey lives?Does it repair the roads? Does it patrol my streets?Does it provide fire and emergency services? Does it clean my water to drink? Does it keep my city sanitized from waste. Does it pickup my garbage and dispose of it properly? Please let me know what my taxes are spent on to help me!!Does it help people with a hand up so that they can get their lives together.


    Read other stories on why the city state and federal goverment want to raise my taxes and this is a prime exampl(unless they actually do help)on how we waste taxes.

  • What does the Frankfort Arts Foundation do..?


    I thought they were defunct. Their website has not been updated since 2008 and their facebook page has not been updated for years.