Planting by the Signs: Moon in light phase, killing signs this week

By Philip Case, Published:

Well, neighbors, surely to goodness the storm that smacked us in the kisser last weekend will be the last of winter with spring now less than two weeks away! That said, we all know this is Kentucky — and March in Kentucky — so let’s not pack away the sweaters and stow the snow shovel just yet.

However, if by chance you’re planting something somewhere or if you’re starting plants inside for transplanting to your garden when things finally stabilize, here’s the information for the week that is before us.

And, before you get settled into that planting notion, we have a trio of Ember Days on tap for this week — Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. These are “no plant days” so don’t seed anything either. And with Wednesday and Friday being double-whammies with the killing sign Leo (the heart) ruling, that’s all the more reason not to plant.

The moon is in the light phase until the full moon takes over at 1:08 p.m. next Sunday. Light moon activities all week, and if that’s planting then it’s above-ground producers.

A look at the signs finds Gemini (the arms), the peas or beans sign, ruling today with the moon in the light phase.

The very fertile sign Cancer (the breast) is up for Monday and Tuesday. If you’re planting anything then these are the best days of the week with the moon in the light phase, this being a very fertile sign — and the Ember Days not starting until Wednesday.

Leo (the heart) comes to rule Wednesday through Friday. As we’ve noted, Wednesday and Friday (and Saturday) are Ember Days. If you’re doing any sort of killing or deadening, you won’t find better days than Wednesday and Friday — Ember Days ruled by a killing sign!

The week concludes with our monthly series of flowering signs beginning Saturday and continuing through March 18. Saturday and next Sunday find Virgo (the bowels) in force with Libra (the reins) ruling March 17 and 18. These are bloom days and things planted on them should bloom abundantly.

During their run, however, we find an Ember Day Saturday and the moon changing phases next Sunday.

Whew, this week just about offers all of it — plus the “spring ahead” time change that yanked an hour’s sleep from us early this morning!

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