Young playwrights to stage ‘Twist of Fate’ tonight at Bondurant

Special to The State Journal Published:

Since their seventh grade year, Tamara Rudic, Annie Davis, Jaclyn Aldridge and Lucy Buchanan have been teaming up to write the plays performed at Bondurant Middle School. Will Barker, who was their seventh grade social studies teacher, helped fuel the girls’ passion for theatre and writing each year.

Now all freshmen at Western Hills High School, this yearly tradition continues, as the members of the group, called “Teenagers for Theatre,” have written their third play to be produced at the middle school. It’s titled “Twist of Fate.”

The play will be staged at 6:30 tonight at Bondurant Middle School. Admission is $5 for playgoers without a toga.

The latest show is about the ancient Greek gods and goddesses of Olympus, the great palace in the sky that the ancient Greek gods inhabited, and the monsters that roam Tartarus, the hell that monsters in Greek myths went to until they were strong enough to exit and come out into the world again.

Hades arrives in Olympus to tell the rest of the gods that his security has informed him that the monsters in Tartarus are getting restless, and he fears some may try to escape. He asks for the gods to help stop them and they all argue about who should be the first to go and attempt to destroy the monsters.

Most of the gods get their turn at trying to defeat the four monsters, but, because the monsters have united to get out of their hell and return to the real world, the gods find it impossible to beat them.

Teenagers for Theatre helped produce and direct the show while working with Barker and the middle school to develop the younger students’ talent and skills. The show was written, produced and co-directed by all of the authors, and the set, props and make-up were designed and created by Sydney Redmon, along with Megan Varney — both fellow freshmen at WHHS.

This has been an excellent opportunity for the two west side schools to collaborate.

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