Makin' the Case: Life’s about change; nothing stays the same


The ancient philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus (570-470 BC) spoke millennia ago about change. He said, “We both step and do not step into the same river. We are and we are not.”

In other words, we can’t really step into the same river twice — we can’t even stand in the same river because the waters are always flowing.

This week, here at Your Hometown Newspaper, that flow was more like a raging torrent — but yet, at the end of this week, we remain the same river.

You read about it Thursday: Katheran Wasson resigned to take a job at Big Ass Fans in Lexington. She is the news editor for another week.

Dan Liebman resigned as editor to devote more time to his businesses — and yours truly was humbled and honored to be tapped to become the next editor-in-chief, only the fourth in what we might term the modern era following the iconic S.C. Van Curon, Editor Emeritus Carl West and Dan.

I knew “Van” as we called him. He retired right before the late Albert E. Dix hired me as a sports writer in 1977. I have known Carl since he came to town from our nation’s capital in 1979 — right on the heels of the devastating Flood of 1978.

And, I’ve known Dan since, well, he was a kid just out of college. I hired him and he worked, technically, for me but I like to think with me. He came back in January of 2013 and I worked for — and with — him.

I thought we would work together as the friends and colleagues we’ve always been until I retired. It wasn’t to be.

Talk about the circle of life!

Why do I share all of this with you? Simply because, like most everything, it’s the way of it: change.

And, as it should be in this saga, Ann Dix Maenza — a girl I remember who was in high school when I came to the newspaper and is Al’s daughter — tapped me to take over for Dan, who took over from Carl, who was next up after Van.

This newspaper — with all the challenges journalism faces, especially print — goes on, seamlessly. Change can be bad, but it doesn’t have to be. No one in this tumultuous week was asked to leave. We are yoked together to make the transitions smooth.

Katheran is here for another week; Dan is here until the end of June to do what he’s done for the last 18 months — edit the newspaper, and I will be working on numerous staff transitions. When they both move on it will be me — with Carl serving as guide and counsel.

And it will be YOU, the reader.

When Adolph Ochs (pronounced “ox”) bought the  New York Times more than a century ago he said: “We publish this newspaper for one person – the reader.”

I want your input. I want to hear from you,; 502-227-4556 or 502-682-5995; come in and we will talk or I’ll see you around town.

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