Terrible mistake: 3 Ember Days means absolutely no planting

By Philip Case Published:

I made a terrible mistake in my column Sunday on planting by the phases of the moon and signs of the zodiac.

A reader called Monday morning to point out I had overlooked three Ember Days, the meanest kind of killing sign. Hopefully this will catch you in time to keep you from planting on these days this week.

The Ember Days are Wednesday, Friday and Saturday — the same sequence they occur in every time they happen. I glanced at my almanac to check the phases of the moon and didn’t look down to check for Ember Days.

Wednesday is a day ruled by Scorpio (the secrets), one of the four most fertile signs and a planting day we hate to lose but it’s got to happen: No planting. Friday and Saturday are ruled by Sagittarius (thighs) and Capricorn (knees) respectively and these are so-so signs so it won’t be quite so bad.

You are good to plant the rest of today, which is ruled by Scorpio, Thursday under Sagittarius, and Sunday that’s ruled by Capricorn. Just NOT Wednesday, Friday and Saturday!

My apologies to all and my appreciation to the reader who called. Please, if you see things in the column that are puzzling I hope you will call and check with me. I try to watch carefully but sometimes mistakes are made.

Now, again: don’t plant Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

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