Planting by the Signs: Moon in dark phase, fertile signs this week

By Philip Case, Published:

The moon is in the dark phase now, the full moon having come into force shortly after midnight Friday the Thirteenth. Until the new moon at 4:08 a.m. Friday, plant only those veggies that produce below the ground.

According to the signs, the very fertile sign Taurus (the neck) is in force today through Tuesday. These are perfect days for planting below-ground producers with the moon firmly in the dark phase.

Wednesday and Thursday find Gemini (the arms) in force. Gemini is the sign best suited for planting beans but, of course, the moon is in the dark phase both days and beans produce above the ground.

But if you are planting your beans on a rotational basis, at least half the formula is right with the sign in Gemini. I wouldn’t hesitate to plant some — it’s not perfect but halfway there!

After Gemini finishes its two-day run the moon is set to move to the light phase (too bad it couldn’t have done that two days earlier for bean planting!) for most of Friday. But, as good luck would have it, Cancer (the breast) comes to rule that day, Cancer being one of the very fertile signs for above-ground producers.

So, if you don’t get those beans planted on the Gemini days you have two great ones Friday and Saturday with a very fertile sign in force and the moon in the light phase.

Let’s pause here for a moment to say there is plenty of time left in this gardening season — seems kind of strange to even write that — for planting. Just check the “date to maturity” on seed packets or go on line to check on transplants.

June ends and July begins with the killing sign Leo (the heart) ruling, June 29-July 1. It is beyond me to understand but it seems as if we’ve had a whole lot of weekends this spring negatively impacted with killing signs in force one or more days.

Anyway, here’s another one. Don’t be planting on any of those days, reserve them for any gardening activity but not planting.

Then come flowering days, July 2-6 with Virgo (the bowels) ruling for two and Libra (the reins) in for the last three of the stretch.

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