An ‘aha’ moment

By Susan L. Moore, Published:

For as long as I’ve been in Frankfort and, it seems, time eternal, Phil Case has reported the community news, activities, events and celebrations in the Spectrum section of The State Journal, “Your Hometown Newspaper.”

Whenever anyone in Frankfort, including me, needs to get the word out about a church event, downtown concert, Farm-City Field Day, speakers coming to their club, awards, weddings, engagements — almost every aspect of our daily lives — Phil Case has been the go-to person. We’ve gotten to know him over the years because he has shared, through words and pictures, parts of his personal life. 

About a month ago, Phil and I happened to run into each other at a downtown restaurant. I was passing by his table where he was celebrating with friends and family being named the next editor of the newspaper. As I stopped to offer congratulations, we both had this incredible “aha” moment.

I think the idea that I might be “the right person to replace him” as Spectrum editor came to Phil as I approached the table. We’ve both decided that it was something like the stars being perfectly aligned. Nonetheless, something bigger than the both of us was at work that evening.

I know it sounds corny but it really was like it was meant to be.

He looked at me and simply said, “I have a job for you. You need to call me.” And with those words, my life has taken a new direction. It’s a direction I’ve been meaning to follow for a while now.

I told my husband, Rob, that my goal was to “retire” from my school system job when our daughter, Katie, graduated from high school. Let it be said that I’ve never made changes in my life quickly. A mere five years later, I’m finally making the change. I think being involved in this community, bringing up our children here and continuing to keep a pen to paper all the while has made this the right move.

I believe that life’s circumstances tend to choose the direction you take in your life. While our children were school age, I was fortunate to be able to work in a job that I loved; where I felt like I made a difference in children’s lives; and where, most importantly to me, I was on our children’s schedule. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t in my career field.

The fact that now, I get to write and communicate with you makes being The State Journal Spectrum Editor that much more special. I appreciate the Spectrum section as a primary source of local news for our community.

When people ask what I do at The State Journal, all that I have to say in explanation is “I’m the new Phil Case!” and they understand. 

It may take awhile but eventually I’d love for Susan Moore to be the “go-to” person for all things Frankfort. 

So, email me, call me or feel free to stop by and introduce yourself (if you can get through the construction). Here’s how: call 502-227-4556 ext. 258 or email

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