Franklin County Fair & Horse Show 2014

By Susan L. Moore, Published:

When the Lakeview Park skyline features a Ferris wheel and all sorts of twirling, spinning, blinking, daredevil rides, I know it’s midsummer and time for the Franklin County Fair & Horse Show. 

Beginning Monday and running through Saturday, fair goers pay one price at the gate ($10) to ride all the rides as many times as they want and go to all the grandstand events. Little ones (under age 2) are free but must pay $2 for individual rides. Bring some extra money if you’re planning to play the games, eat or enter any of the competitions. 

The carnival opens each evening at 6 p.m. The Exhibit Hall is open beginning at 3 p.m. Lakeview Park’s main gate is off Stedmantown Lane.

I have friends who can’t wait to climb on to the fastest, up and down, sideways-swinging rides at the fair. Note that sometimes even just watching the merry go round doesn’t go well for me. So, I let them have that kind of fun and I stick to watching the pageants, eating cotton candy and touring the exhibits.

Flipping through the fair catalog, there is page after page of events, concessions and exhibits for the entire family to enjoy.

Some of the activities are the Kids’ Fun Night on Monday where children age 3-17 can be part of an egg race, water balloon race, the 40-yard dash and even a youth pedal pull. 

If you’re a suburban girl like me, attending the livestock shows are especially fun because you get to be close to cattle, goats, sheep and pigs. Those are animals I don’t see every day. Also, there is a nice selection of horse shows throughout the week.

Other events going on include a corn hole tournament, a Youth Talent Showcase, almost any kind of pageant you can think of, the Franklin County 4-H Cupcake Wars, Youth Talent Showcase, Coca-Cola Talent Showcase and pet shows. It all wraps up Saturday evening with a Christian country concert that is free with fair admission. 

These are just a few of a long list of family friendly events that make up this year’s Franklin County Fair & Horse Show.

I invite you to be a part of this wonderful community event. Only at the Fair can you be in a hobo contest or compete to receive a ribbon for knitting the best afghan! Think about entering a contest, submitting an exhibit or simply riding one of those rides I stay away from. It’s gonna be a good time.

For a complete list of all of the fun you can find at the fair, I encourage you to take a look at the fair catalog or visit the website at

Fair coverage

Members of our staff will be writing feature stories about events during the week and our photographers will be out taking candid shots around the fairgrounds. The only pageant, however, we will cover is Miss Teen Franklin County Fair that begins at 9 p.m. Monday.

We encourage you to submit pictures with proper identification from other pageants and  events. We would love to cover all the events and shows, but it is just impossible. Submit your good quality pictures by email to me at

Call me at 227-4556 ext. 258 or Phil Case, same number, ext. 263 if you have questions. We want your involvement in this great event.

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  • There should be a price for people that are not riding rides.  $10 to come to the fair to just watch one event or something is too much.  You could have different colored ribbons or something and charge $5 for people not riding rides and $10 for everyone that wants to ride rides.  A large portion of the adults will not ride rides.  And if you take a family with 3 children, that makes it $50 and that doesn't include the games and food.