Franklin Co. Fair Exhibit Hall Results


Here are results from the Exhibit Hall at the 2014 Franklin County Horse Show. Results are provided by fair officials. Winners are listed in order of finish.


Applique: Machine or Hand: Hand Quilted — Terry Sullivan

Applique: Machine or Hand: Machine Quilted — Marjorie Baker, Katie Huckaby

Pieced/Applique: Long-arm Quilted — Janet Wood, Marjorie Baker, Debra Miller

Pieced: Machine or Hand: Hand Quilted — Terry Sullivan

Pieced: Machine or Hand: Machine Quilted — Marjorie Baker, Marilyn Taylor, Sarah Wilding

Wall Hanging/Crib Quilt: Any Technique: Hand Quilted — Marcella McGill, Terry Sullivan

Wall Hanging/Crib Quilt: Any Technique: Machine Quilted — Marilyn Taylor, Marjorie Baker, Debra Miller

Mixed techniques — Anne Cockley, Marcella McGill, Terry Sullivan

Miscellaneous: Quilted Garments/Table Runners — Anne Cockley, Kristen Sullivan

Quilt Made by Youth (grades 12 and under) — Anna Quarles

Best of Show (adult) — Marjorie Baker

Best of Show (youth) — Anna Quarles


Miscellaneous Decorative Pillow — Anne Hillard, Leslie Thompson, Barbara Gillette

Pin Cushion — Anne Hillard, Marjorie Baker

Tea Towel — Marjorie Baker, Barbara Gillette

Christmas Decoration — Lisa Hunt, Elizabeth Wilhoite, Anne Hillard

Christmas Stocking — Anne Hillard

Handmade Jewelry — Lisa Hunt, Suzanne Johnson

Outfit for 18” Doll — Leitha Harris

Bows or Hair Decorations — Leitha Harris, Kendra Quire, Anne Hillard

Pillowslips: Miscellaneous — Jessie Hutcherson

Placemats — Marjorie Baker

Weaving — Marc Baker

Miscellaneous Stitchery — Marjorie Baker, Anne Hillard

Miscellaneous — Elizabeth Wilhoite, Marjorie Baker, Suzanne Johnson

Scrapbook: Birthday Page — Leslie Thompson, Lisa Hunt

Scrapbook: Family Page — Leslie Thompson

Scrapbook: Miscellaneous Page — Lisa Hunt, Leslie Thompson


Hand-molded Ceramics — Kennedy Burch, Sulaiman Jackson, Ibrahim Jackson 

Glazed Ceramics — Kennedy Burch, Ibrahim Jackson, Idris Jackson      

Hand-painted Ceramics — Kennedy Burch, Idris Jackson, Sulaiman Jackson

Wheel Thrown Pottery — Sulaiman Jackson, Ibrahim Jackson, Idris Jackson

Miscellaneous Hand Built Pottery — Ibrahim Jackson, Jordan Harris, Idris Jackson


Hand Knit Clothing — Rebecca Roberts, Susan Hall

Miscellaneous — Leitha Harris, Rebecca Roberts


Baby Afghan — Lisa Hunt, Isabelle Thompson

Miscellaneous — Jackie Sue Phillips, Henry Phillips, Isabelle Thompson

Miscellaneous Needlework

Embroidery — Sue Buffin, Jacob Turner

Machine Embroidery — Leslie Thompson

Miscellaneous Embroidery — Barbara Gillette


Apron — Marjorie Baker

Skirt — Anne Hillard, Ameliah Pieratt

T-shirt: Decorated — Susan Hall

Child’s Costume — Shantel Jackson

Dress: One or Two Piece — Susan Hall

Child’s Dress (smocked/embellished) — Anne Hillard, Shantel Jackson

Play Clothes — Anne Hillard

Adult Jacket — Anne Hillard

Infant Clothing — Shantel Jackson

Infant Accessories — Anne Hillard

Men’s Wear — Anne Hillard

Wearable Art — Jordan Harris

Purse or Tote — Barbara Gillette, Anne Hillard, Karen Crabtree

Miscellaneous — Anne Hillard, Ameliah Pieratt, Susan Hall

Best of Show (Clothing) — Susan Hall

Home Furnishing

Round Hand-woven Basket (12” and under) — Barbara Burch

Round Hand-woven Basket (13” and up) — Barbara Burch

Rectangular Hand-woven Basket (12” and under) — Barbara Burch

Rectangular Hand-woven Basket (13” and up) — Barbara Burch

Square Hand-woven Basket (12” and under) — Barbara Burch

Square Hand-woven Basket (13” and up) — Barbara Burch

Hand-woven Basket: Miscellaneous — Barbara Burch

Wreath: Large — Elizabeth Wilhoite

Other Woven Chair or Stool — Wanda Atha, Rebecca Cunningham

Hooked or Handmade Rug — Joan Walker, Jessie Hutcherson

Stained Glass — Susan Hall

Recycled Items — Wanda Atha

Painted or Decorated Gourds — Suzanne Johnson, Elizabeth Wilhoite

Miscellaneous — Elizabeth Wilhoite, Henry Phillips, Barbara Gillette

Best of Show in Baskets (in Memory of Price Clover) — Barbara Burch


Cross-Stitched: Framed — Sue Buffin

Needlepoint — Marilyn Taylor


Woodworking: No larger than 24”x24” — Sulaiman Jackson

Woodworking: Natural/Stained Wood — Marc Baker, Sulaiman Jackson

Youth Handicraft   

Leathercraft (9 – 18 years old) — Maya Judy, Kaja Jaques 

Woodcraft  (9 – 18 years old) — Jamie Beason, Jesse Cathey

Folk Art (5 – 8 years old) — Eric Peiffer

Folk Art (9 – 18 years old) — Sawyier Shaw, Maya Judy, Jordan Harris 

Ceramics (5 – 8 years old) — Libby Vaught, Kendall Quire, Idris Jackson

Ceramics (9 – 18 years old) — Campbell Quire, Rebecca Vaught, Maya Judy

Holiday Decoration (5  – 8 years old) — Ibrahim Jackson, Erin Cunningham, Terry Sullivan

Holiday Decoration (9 —18 years old) — Hannah Stockton, Lucy Cunningham, Kaja Jaques

Scrap Art (5 – 8 years old) — Kendall Quire, Erin Cunningham

Scrap Art (9 – 18 years old) — Sawyier Shaw, Maya Judy, Lucy Cunningham

Collage (9 – 18 years old) — Sawyier Shaw, Jordan Harris

Handmade Jewelry (9 – 18 years old) — Maya Judy, Susan Hall

Stonecraft (5 – 8 years old) — Ibrahim Jackson

Stonecraft (9 – 18 years old) —  Mason Harris, Phillip Peiffer

Miscellaneous (5 – 8 years old) — Dylan Neville, Kendall Quire, Eric Peiffer

Miscellaneous (9 – 18 years old) — Maya Judy, Sawyier Shaw, Jesse Cathey

Toy Car Show

Smallest Car or Truck —  Logan Stockton, Hannah Stockton, Warren Ray Smith

Match Box Cars —Brayden Roberts, Everett Pieratt, Christian Roberts

Oldest Car or Truck — Brayden Roberts, Christian Roberts, Everett Pieratt

NASCAR —  Brooke Davis, Christian Roberts, Brayden Roberts

Army Vehicles —  Ansley Roberts, Brayden Roberts, Christian Roberts

Railroad Cars —  Logan Stockton, Everett Pieratt, Hannah Stockton

Commercial Vehicles —  Warren Ray Smith, Hannah Stockton, Christian Roberts

Hand-made Cars or Trucks  — Mikka Cathey, Jesse Cathey, Melody Cathey

Collection of Trucks and Cars —   Ansley Roberts, Brayden Roberts, Christian Roberts

Teapots & Collectibles

Prettiest — Mikka Cathey, Jackie Branham

Animal Theme — Jackie Branham

Salt/Pepper Shakers (Holiday) — Leslie Thompson, Jackie Branham

Salt/Pepper Shakers (Most Unusual) — Leslie Thompson, Jackie Branham 

Cookie Jar Contest

Most Unusual — Jackie Branham

Animal Theme —Jackie Branham

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