Moon in dark phase; fertile signs in force

By Philip Case Published:

Here’s this week’s information on the phases of the moon and signs of the zodiac for your planting consideration.

And here are the two veggies we can still plant in the unprotected outdoor garden if you are doing any planting now. The veggies are, with the last date for planting in parenthesis: spinach (Sept. 1) and radishes (Sept. 15).

Of course the gardening season doesn’t have to end if you’re prepared to protect delicate plants from frost. Just be mindful of what you can plant now.

The moon is in the dark phase since the full moon came to rule Sunday afternoon. It will continue in force until the next new moon at 10:13 a.m. Aug. 25. Through this period be involved in only dark moon activities and if you’re planting, that would be radishes.

A look at the signs reveals the very fertile sign Taurus (the neck) is in force today with the moon in the dark phase.

Gemini (the arms) comes to rule Monday and Tuesday. Gemini is the “bean sign” but it’s too late to plant beans and their cousin, peas. Beans can’t stand cool weather or frost and that’s likely to happen before they make it to harvest.

Peas, which do like cool weather and soil, take longer to grow and won’t make you a mess before, statistically speaking, it gets really cold.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the sign moves to Cancer (the breast), another of the most fruitful signs with the moon in the dark phase for radish planting in the unprotected garden.

Then Leo (the heart) comes into force Saturday and next Sunday. Leo is one of the killing signs and no planting should take place while Leo is in force — and that’s no planting anywhere! You could, however, use these days to begin cleaning up your garden in preparation for “tucking it in” for the winter.

Flowering signs are on tap for Aug. 25-29 with Virgo (the bowels) ruling Aug. 25-27 and Libra (the reins) in force Aug. 28-29. The moon moves to the light phase on the 25th making these signs perfect for planting your fall flowers.

Seems like only yesterday we were talking about planting spring and summer flowers!
While we’re at it, let’s finish up the month.

Scorpio (the secrets) is in force Aug. 30-Sept. 1 with the moon in the light phase to plant spinach in the unprotected outdoor garden. Scorpio is one of the four most fertile signs.

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