Planting by the Signs: Dark moon phase ends Monday; flowering signs on tap this week

By Philip Case, Published:

Planting in the unprotected outdoor garden is about done for the year with the exception of spinach through Sept. 1 and radishes through Sept. 15.

Of course you can still plant those veggies that enjoy cooler weather and can be protected either by covering or in a cold frame. And there’s always the greenhouse and indoors.

Here’s this week’s information on the phases of the moon and signs of the zodiac for your planting consideration and other tasks that might benefit.

The moon is in the dark phase but that’s changing Monday at 10:13 a.m. when the new moon — or no moon visible in the sky — comes to rule. If you were planting today — and you’d best not be since the killing sign Leo is in force — it would be the final day for below-ground producers.

Then beginning Monday afternoon and until the full moon at 9:38 p.m. Sept. 8, only above-ground producers — and that would be spinach but only through Sept. 1 in the unprotected garden.

A look at the signs reveals, as just mentioned, Leo (the heart) is in force today. This is an absolutely no-planting day but it could be used for cleaning out your spent summer garden if you want something to do on a Sunday afternoon.

Flowering signs are on tap for the work week with the moon in the light phase. Monday through Wednesday are ruled by Virgo (the bowels), followed by Libra (the reins) in force Thursday and Friday. 

These bloom days are perfect for your fall flowers.

Scorpio (the secrets) is in force beginning Saturday through Labor Day with the moon in the light phase to plant spinach in the unprotected outdoor garden. Scorpio is one of the four most fertile signs.

Following that we have a stretch of so-so signs beginning Sept. 2 and continuing through Sept. 7 — Sagittarius through Aquarius/thighs through legs. 

The moon will be in the light phase through the period. 

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