Lewis selected for Hall of Fame


The late Lyndon Randolph Lewis (1920-2013), a native of Frankfort, is being inducted into the Kentucky Aviation Hall of Fame.

The military career of Lewis began with enlistment in the Air Corps in 1940 and training to fix rather than fly planes. After assignments as a mechanic, Lewis on his own initiative completed studies to meet an educational requirement for flight school.

After successful flight training, Lewis went to China and flew in the 14th Army Air Corps. He completed 66 missions and shot down two of the enemy’s planes. In a December 1943 operation, Lewis went up against a force of over 26 Japanese planes to defend an airfield.

After shooting down a bomber, Lewis forced the enemy to back off, and their attack failed.

Lewis will be inducted into the Hall of Fame posthumously during a formal banquet Nov. 1 in Lexington. 

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