Dominant college basketball powers are thing of the past

By BRIAN RICKERD State Journal Sports Writer Published:

Some four years ago I wrote a column claiming that the days of dominant college basketball powers were over ... that with all the players leaving college early for the NBA or skipping college entirely, you'd never see super powers in the college game again.

I believe the phrase I used was that in the future the college basketball landscape would be littered with Jeff Sheppards - good, but not great players.

I've seen nothing in the past four years to make me believe I was misguided in that prediction.

This comes to mind now when I hear all the fans, and there are a lot of them, who complain that Kentucky coach (for now) Tubby Smith is not recruiting the kind of talent Wildcat fans are used to seeing.

Those fans are absolutely correct. He's not. And I have news for you - he never will. The point is that nobody will. There's no coach in college basketball today who's going to bring in the kind of talent that used to dot the prep and juco landscape even as recently as five years ago.

There are three kinds of players for Division I coaches like Tubby Smith to recruit.

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