Caldwell balances family, coaching

By BRIAN RICKERD State Journal Sports Writer Published:

Franklin County/Western Hills swim coach Kelly Caldwell describes swimming as an "awesome" sport primarily because of the discipline it instills in the athletes.

"The swimmers .... the ones that work hard and become good swimmers ... they are so together in all of their stuff," Caldwell said. "They make good grades, they get up on time, they go to bed on time, they usually eat good. It's everything. I mean, they are just consumed with good habits."

What Caldwell is too modest to tell you is that she's pretty together as well.

Four years ago, when she was in her fourth year as swimming coach at Franklin County, Kelly and her husband Bill started a family.

Kelly gave birth in March of 1998 to a daughter, Katherine.

Kelly continued to not only coach, but she kept her math teaching job at FCHS through the following year. She quit classroom teaching when Katherine was some 15 months old to focus on caring for Katherine and coach swimming.

Then, when Katherine was a year old, Kelly added coaching duties at Western Hills High.

To this day Caldwell coaches the swimmers at both schools. As you can imagine, swimmers from both schools often practice together and swim in the same meets.

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