Final Four offers proof of parity

By BRIAN RICKERD State Journal Sports Writer Published:

Odds and ends on UK and college sports in general:

This year's men's NCAA Tournament shows yet again just how difficult it is to get to the Final Four. I would argue that if they started the tournament over again with the original 65 teams, you might well have four different finalists.

That's what makes the tournament so much fun, in a way, and what makes it so maddening if you're passionate about your team (read: Kentucky).

Of the remaining four, Texas, Marquette, Kansas and Syracuse, I have no strong preference simply because I like all four teams and all four coaches very much.

Force me to make a choice and I'd probably root for Kansas because I like Roy Williams so much. Williams wouldn't know me if he saw me on the street, but I've been around him at a few NCAA Tournaments in group settings and have found him to be very, very kind and his players have been to a man, class acts. I'd love to see Williams rewarded at last.

My second choice is not so obvious. Although I have good impressions of both Marquette coach Tom Crean and Texas coach Rick Barnes, I'd like very much to see Syracuse's Jim Boeheim get a national crown.

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