Miklavcic stresses life lessons, visualization

By SUSAN RIDDELL State Journal Sports Writer Published:

You know there's complete trust in a teacher when a student is willing to take off his shoes and stand on a bed of nails for a demonstration.

It's all about explaining a concept and making it simpler to understand.

That's the backbone of Frank Miklavcic's teaching style.

The Frankfort High physics and chemistry teacher shows you what he's trying to convey. He doesn't just expect you to understand his words.

Physics student Than Cutler is a good example of that. He got a hands-on look at displaced pressure in class recently... with his feet.

Cutler stood on a bed of nails to demonstrate the lesson of the day.

"You want me to what?" Cutler replies to Miklavcic's request. "You want me to stand on the nails without shoes?"

"Yes, without," Miklavcic replies simply, adding he should leave his socks on.

Cutler complies as Miklavcic makes sure he does it the right way. The bed of nails is placed in between two chairs. Miklavcic instructs Cutler to hold onto the chairs and lift himself off the ground, before slowly placing his feet down on pieces of paper lying on the nails.

After the experiment is done, students count the indentations on the pieces of paper left by Culter.

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