Coach Spade challenges his students

By SUSAN RIDDELL State Journal Sports Writer Published:

Alan Spade's classroom has only minor indications that he's also a coach.

But it's obvious he teaches world history.

There are posters all over the walls of his room, ones on French impressionist painters, ones about explorers, the age of imperialism. Models of the solar system hang from the ceiling.

At the front of the classroom above the chalkboard is a group of posters pointing out how power, peace and understanding come from having wisdom which comes from understanding which comes from knowledge which comes from education.

Then there's his basketball schedule taped to the wall as well.

But basketball is not the topic today.

It's the League of Nations.

Spade expects his students to keep up with current events, and he makes a conscious effort to relate the saga of World War I and the League of Nations to the issues of today.

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